Friday, September 11, 2015

Start off a student with a greeting and a smile!

I work as an educational team leader for grades K-2. I chose those grade levels because it provides me the opportunity to help mold and create young students as they begin their educational journeys.  I have found how important and “simple” it is to start their day out with a smile/greeting. 

K-2 Educational Team Leader Credo

I believe it is very important to greet students with a smile and kind word first thing in the morning in the grade school cafeteria (This is where they get dropped off for school before the bell rings) as they start their school day. In many situations it might be the only greeting/smile they receive all day. Students appreciate and respond to settings where they feel welcome. Students who feel more welcome are more likely to seek out my help or others when needed (In today’s dysfunctional families this happens frequently). 

By greeting students (Added plus – learn their names) at the door, I can see and prevent potential problems. Correcting potential problems in the cafeteria before school starts may help a student enter their first class free of stress, or take out frustrated energy in the gym or even carry it all day to their home. Recognizing a potential problem and preventing it is critical to the overall success of the student, their teachers, fellow classmates and the school.

I'm very lucky to be working with some truly remarkable teachers. Their dedication and passion for what they do is outstanding. 

Note: To a “Systems Thinker” this is building/designing quality upfront in the process. It is where the potential for failure and defects are their most dangerous (If unchecked continue to grow) but they are almost always the easiest (Cheapest) way to prevent/fix problems.

"The Wisdom to be Remembered" - Updated 9/11/15

April 2013

 "The Wisdom to be Remembered"

"Knowledge is for sharing.
It is not about the amount of knowledge you obtain or have.
It is about the amount of knowledge you freely share and give."

Updated 7/21/13

What a bundle of joy. Three months old now and such a good baby for her first visit to Michigan. Logged many miles from Hawaii to Washington DC to Arkansas to Michigan and back to Hawaii with a stop in Seattle to see her uncle.

MICHIGAN _ Great Grandma and Nana




Updated 9/11/15

9/11 is truly a special day because it is my daughter's birthday. Yes, it will always be interwoven with the attacks on the twin towers but it's also a day about rebirth.

MICHIGAN - July 2015

Visiting "GG"

MARYLAND - August 2015

The Ballerina and Gymnast


She Brightens up my day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12th - Special Day!

August 12th is a special day because it is my son's birthday, it is also my best friend's birthday and my goddaughter's birthday.

Not a bad combination for remembering all that is good in life.

Life is truly a Marathon (Me yellow hat - 1986; Son - below - 2014) with many ups and downs and struggles along the way. Giving it your best and having the will to keep going is what matters most in life.

It was always my hope to run a Marathon with my son but too many injuries does not allow me to run/jog more than a 5K today. However, the memories of years past will always remain!

And Yes, he did run a better time than me!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No Leadership =

No Leadership Means -No Aim,

No Aim Means - No Plan,

No Plan Means - Chaos,

Chaos Means - Stagnation,

Stagnation Means - "Ultimate Failure"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


If there is one thing I have learned by serving in the military, working in business and continuing to learn in the education field is:

“Control your own life or someone or something else will.”

           It's all about Balance!