Sunday, August 21, 2011

Develop an Educational Partnership This School Year

"In order for each student to be successful there must be an understanding and balance between the partners."

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I have been using my "Quality Educational Partnership Triangle" quite a lot over this past summer. It comes in handy when I talk to teachers and most importantly when I talk to parents about education and what is need to help their child succeed in school.

It is a very simple concept that relies on each corner (Administrators (Includes administrative support personnel, coaches, etc...), Parents, and Teachers) of the triangle to be working together interdependently. In the main three groups of the triangle are revolving around the student rather than teachers, parents or administrators.

I talk to parents and teachers about changing our methods from the one size fits (i.e. assessment tests) all mentality to one that uses whatever instrument it takes to know if the student is learning. For example, what is wrong if the student orally explains to you the subject or knowledge you are trying to transfer as opposed to writing or guessing it on a test. Why can’t a journal be kept that takes the subject matter and is applied to one’s everyday life? If we talk and listen to the student we will know as educators if our concepts are being transferred.

Means of learning is most often an individual event for students and it should be our (all groups mentioned in triangle) responsibility to customize learning to fit each student’s mode of learning.

We may have moved into the Digital Age but our education and teaching methods are still based in an Industrial Age mode that teaches the mass-production ways of learning that one size fits all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It bothers me very much that states (Michigan) are increasing the amount, requirements and level of Math when for years we all know that a majority of students are not grasping math concepts. So instead of trying new methods and concepts we trudge along with an instructor lecturing and writing on the blackboard and then using worksheets as the main means of digesting the subject matter. These type of decisions make no sense and are made by narrow short-term thinking individuals who have no concept or business making these type of self-serving decisions!

The state has set up our students to fail and they are failing. Not just in grades but in self-esteem and self-worth. Not just the students who are struggling but for the students who do excel in math because many of the schools are dumbing down math and science classes so students can still graduate.

We must start with a simple concept like the Educational Triangle and build our new system with all the groups and technology supporting and revolving around our students. When one side or group fails it is the student who takes the brunt.

Educational Partnership Triangle is Developed (2004) and Owned by gmc (qualityg).

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