Friday, July 25, 2008

Mainstreamed Goals for Autistic Students

Following are goals and measurements that I created for four different Autistic Children (Names are changed to protect privacy) that I worked with in a mainstreamed (also works in a contained room) in second grade. While they are basic in nature it is extremely important to keep a daily log that align with these goals. In addition it is critical to communicate and share the goals with teachers, peers, and parents.

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I hope these examples can serve as a guide for you to use or provide your special education department with one that specifically will have a positive impact on your child - Greg

Please let me know!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Quality --> What Does It Stand For" & "Dr. Deming's Quality Chain"

I do NOT have a definition for Quality, only a comment " Q is the difference between What Is, and What Should Be. No more, no less, just treat your customers (internal & external) and suppliers as equals. Be honest and be fair, that is what is known as "Integrity."

Below is a diagram that I created to sometimes use to explain quality, not define it.

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If a company engages in an effort to "really" improve quality they can expect to gain the following from Dr. Deming's Quality Chain. It amazes me that so many companies do not follow this quality chain. They will pay outside consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell them in a complex way what Dr. Deming explained in common sense so many years ago.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

SIPOC Defect Sheet


Defect: Travel Plan
Affected Customer Group: Travel Group

High Level Process Flow: Click on Pic to Enlarge

Outside of Travel Agency

Affected Group’s Requirements:
1. Travel Group must receive Plan three weeks prior to the “Travel Due Date” as set by the students & Parents.
2. Travel Group must be formally notified of any changes to the Travel Plan after receiving the initial plan.
3. Travel Group must have all the travel codes upon initial receipt of the Travel Plan.

Current Situation:
· The Travel Agency Plan is almost always received on time but is not accurate. The plan then requires numerous changes to be made before the final Package is sent out to the vendor. Once the Travel Package is sent out any changes to the Plan requiring changes must be done ASAP.
· There is no process in place for notifying the travel group when changes are made to the Plan.

Possible Cost Related to Defect:
· Overtime dollars paid to vendor employees if travel agency plans incorrect.

Probable Solutions:
· Travel Agency must improve their process for creating plans or lose business.
· Travel Agency to create and implement a formal change control process complete with notification method for affected groups such as Travel Vendors.

Process Improvement Impact:
· Time and money saved on manual and incorrect work. This work is usually paid in overtime due to project deadlines.
Implementation Plans:
· To be done immediately.
Process Owner Responsible for Implementation:
· Stan Renaud

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

How to "GROW" a Planning Session

“GROW” - Partnership Coaching/Planning

The following guidelines can be used by a manager, team leader, or group, for conducting a coaching or planning session.

G = Goals

1) What would we like to accomplish in the time we have available?

2) What would make this time well spent?

3) What would ultimate success look like to you ?

R = Current Reality - describes as accurately as possible the current situation.

1) How do you know your perception of “X” is accurate?

What tells you that is the case?

2) Whom else might we check with to get more data/information about the larger perspective?

3) What have you tried so far?

4) What are your beliefs about this situation?

O = Options - options for potential actions without judging the ideas merit or practicality, initial focus is on “quantity” not quality of options. Quality comes later as you reduce options down.

1) If money, time or resources were no obstacle, what option might you choose?

2) What might some “Sky The Limits” options look like?

3) Who else could help?

4) May I (we) offer some options that were thought of while you were describing your options?

W = What’s Next

1) What are you going to do and by when?

2) What’s next? What steps are involved?

3) How might you minimize/remove the barriers/obstacles?

4) What are the contingencies if you can’t remove the barriers?

5) How will you monitor performance and collect data for feedback over time for predictability?

6) On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that we will do this?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Team Goals and Objectives

Recently I have been getting a number of requests about employee objectives (see post ) . However, please remember that employee objectives must be derived from a corporate objective that is aligned with departmental objectives, then team objectives and then employee objectives.

Below is a slide of my Process & Technical Management Team objectives that I would like to share. From here team members can sit with their manager and create individual objectives that align to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Click on slide to Enlarge. I hope this helps you in your team efforts and objectives.

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