Saturday, July 12, 2008

SIPOC Defect Sheet


Defect: Travel Plan
Affected Customer Group: Travel Group

High Level Process Flow: Click on Pic to Enlarge

Outside of Travel Agency

Affected Group’s Requirements:
1. Travel Group must receive Plan three weeks prior to the “Travel Due Date” as set by the students & Parents.
2. Travel Group must be formally notified of any changes to the Travel Plan after receiving the initial plan.
3. Travel Group must have all the travel codes upon initial receipt of the Travel Plan.

Current Situation:
· The Travel Agency Plan is almost always received on time but is not accurate. The plan then requires numerous changes to be made before the final Package is sent out to the vendor. Once the Travel Package is sent out any changes to the Plan requiring changes must be done ASAP.
· There is no process in place for notifying the travel group when changes are made to the Plan.

Possible Cost Related to Defect:
· Overtime dollars paid to vendor employees if travel agency plans incorrect.

Probable Solutions:
· Travel Agency must improve their process for creating plans or lose business.
· Travel Agency to create and implement a formal change control process complete with notification method for affected groups such as Travel Vendors.

Process Improvement Impact:
· Time and money saved on manual and incorrect work. This work is usually paid in overtime due to project deadlines.
Implementation Plans:
· To be done immediately.
Process Owner Responsible for Implementation:
· Stan Renaud

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