Friday, September 30, 2016

Race for the White House or OUTHOUSE!!

Is it me or has this been the stinkiest presidential race in the history of the United States? I have never seen two candidates so disliked and not trusted.

American's are looking for someone to take charge and lead our country in a new direction. We are looking for someone to serve the people (All the people) and represent what is best for our families and nation. Not once have I heard any discussion about Social Security and the fact our seniors have not got an increase in two years. The only thing you hear is the scare tactic it is going away. People can not be expected to be able to sympathize and give their money and time to others if they can't take care of their own families first.

All we have are people who are so self-serving and self-centered who boast "crap" each and everyday.

This is a race to the bottom not the top! And the Loser is US!!!

So who will I vote for?  A wise man once said "Changes that Results in Improvement comes from Application of Knowledge." I would also add "Changes that results in a Transformation comes from outside the system."