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Enough Already ! C'Mon - Dr. Seuss!! Update 10/11/17 - NFL Protest

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Each day now brings me to say Enough Already - C'Mon ...

10/1 /17
Enough Already ! C'Mon - Dr. Seuss!!

I can hardly watch any national cable news station or major networks anymore even when I am trying to learn more about the devastating storms, terror or sports. Every topic/segment is being politicized, radicalized, and just plain poor biased opinionated reporting by all political sides. It's really disgusting, divisive and just wrong.

The only sports shows I like are with Neil Everett and Stan Verrett from Late Night ESPN Sports Center. I also enjoy Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

The anchors on the major cable news networks ( Especially CNN Morning News) use their voices and facial expressions when someone does not agree with their loaded questions and sarcastic tones.

Because so much of this trash reporting is on TV and Internet News people hide behind their keyboards and social media and say things that really show their colors. Perhaps this is good in a sense but people are swayed in to thinking it is true just because someone says it is true or false.

Last week I heard about the librarian who turned the books (Dr. Seuss)  the first lady sent out across the country in to a racially and politically motivated  stance that is just plain wrong.

While reading the Sunday Detroit Free Press this morning columnist Mitch Albom wrote a column that really tells the librarian how she should have handled the situation. I loved the part about the librarian herself participated in a Dr, Seuss birthday activity just a few years ago.

Here is the column -

Heck each year while I worked in education I would read Dr. Seuss books to our kindergartners.

Updated 10/11/17

Enough Already - C'Mon - NFL Players Protest!!

This has totally got out of hand. In my humble opinion this is not a First Amendment Issue. It is a Work Place Issue. In order for the 1st amendment to apply there must be a government party on one side and a private person/group on the other side.The last time I looked the NFL Teams are owned by individuals or corporations. Being owners they establish the rules for their workplace (Has anyone looked at their manuals/policy for players regarding the National Anthem). If the owners don't have the sense (Guts) to establish consistent rules/policies then they are adding to the "Demise of the American Workplace." Poor leadership is at the root cause of this problem.

In addition, it is NOT the place of government to dictate what the rules should be for the NFL. This only adds layers of confusion about the First Amendment Rights.

I have worked for a number of private and public companies to know if I protested during my work hours (Especially on company property) for something that was not approved by my boss(es) I would would probably have been fired. If it were after hours or the weekend I might be safe to protest as long as I did not break the law. However, I still must remember I represent my company at all times and I again risk the peril of being fired or reprimanded. It is a personal choice.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

President Trump is a counter puncher – Sorry - Nope - No Way! - Updated NFL

Updated - September 24, 2017

C’mon, - this is ridiculous - No counter punching here just a wild Hay maker hoping to land but it did nothing but destroy yourself.

The “sons of bitches” who knelt for the national anthem should be fired.
Why do you need to be so divisive?” This would have gone its way and was already petering out with just a small amount showing their disapproval.

As President there are “way” too important issues facing our country that you are trying to accomplish. I want Obama Care replaced. I want Tax Reform, I want a stronger immigration policy against those who have committed crimes and I certainly want North Korea to stop shooting missiles.

Instead of trying to unite democrats and republicans you taunt. Instead of letting a diplomatic solution take place with your cabinet people you taunt the ones they need to negotiate with for settlement.

You make everyone’s jobs harder and that is just not good!!!

I always remember a few lines from the movie Braveheart:
Robert the Bruce: Now you've achieved more than anyone ever dreamed, but fighting these odds it looks like rage, not courage.
William: It's well beyond rage. Help me. In the name of Christ help yourselves! Now is our chance, now! If we join, we can win. If we win, well then we'll have what none of us have ever had before; a country of our own. You are the rightful leader and there is strength in you. I see it. Unite us. Unite us. Unite the clans!

You are the rightful President –Unite us as a country – you have a chance to do great things but all you do is throw barriers in your own way.

August 18, 2017,

I have heard this statement time and time again referring to President Trump. Trumpnocounterpuncher

People make this statement (Boxing Reference) because they feel every time President Trump is criticized he fires back with both barrels at the attacker. This is not counter punching this is just stupid. Why? Because it is a reaction that has not been thought out or is based on any experience other than a reflex action responding to a threat. In fact, it leaves you open for a counter-punch.

I have been involved with Boxing for over 55 years and a good counter puncher is one who has a plan and a sense of purpose in trapping their opponent by making him miss and then going on the attack. He is the patient boxer that simply stands there waiting for you to make the first move. For every punch that you throw, he has the perfect answer. He relies on the opponent's own aggression to draw him into a perfectly set trap.

Successful boxers who use this style must have great reflexes, ring intelligence, punch precision and excellent hand speed. Willie Pep, Archie Moore, Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather are all great examples of great counter punchers.

President Trump you are being counter punched by the idiot pundits and news agencies. So what should you do? You beat a counter puncher by out thinking your opponent.  Counter punchers sit back and wait for you to throw the first punch. Their goal is to exploit any openings in your attack. You need to develop a systems thinking persona and consider the whole (How will my response affect others) instead of just the piece (Personal attack).

It takes time and experience to become a good fighter and I believe the same for being a good political fighter. President Trump is new to this arena and needs to rely on his political aides who have experience until he learns the ropes. 

If he can remain patient and learn -  he will then be a force to reckon with -  but for now he is just a punching bag.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Should we use Letter Grades for Students? It depends.

Whether we use a grading system for students in education or rate and or rank employees is always a lively discussion. Over the years I have had many in both a business and education setting and I must say my thinking was usually in the minority even though I’m Right (Ha). Here are two examples:

One of my former students who is now a teacher asked what I thought was the purpose of grades.  I simply answered that grades are usually a result of some sort of testing procedure. So rather than label a student as a failure, average or success I responded that the grade was to provide me as the instructor how well I did in transferring knowledge to the student(s). So it is my evaluation in question not the student.  I need to use the results as to determine which student needs help and to what degree based on the letter grade.

I have written many posts over the years about ranking and rating employees. Never believed in it and probably never will. There is too much variation between employees and the environmental conditions that go in to one’s job (Even if they are the same) that cannot accurately predict the outcome. It is leadership's job to know their employees talents, wants and needs in order provide them a job that will instill pride of workmanship. Rating and Ranking concentrates too much on documenting failures and mishaps as opposed to proving the tools and knowledge to do the job correctly so that he/she can succeed or move the employee to a job that matches their talents.

OUTCOME! That is the key that most people fail to see. We use students and employees as the outcomes (Scapegoats) when they are the product of the system/process. We want to fire or lay-off employees when a company fails when in fact it’s the system or process that determine the outcome. In schools we want to label or demote students and blame teachers for the failure of the system/process.

We want to uses employees and students as the end-result indicators when in fact they are the value-added inputs in each and every process/system. Yes, we need to monitor and measure employees and students but not for pass/fail we need to monitor and measure to help the overall process get better and to provide them with a sense of purpose.

We used to call this inspecting quality at the end of the line after the product is finished/produced. Amazing we still have this mind-set when it comes to students/employees.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Alexander Hamilton - "America's First Systems Thinker"

In order to understand what I propose it is first best to define "Systems Thinking."

I believe Dr. Russel Ackoff provided the best definitions and explanations for "Systems Thinking."

·         System - a system is a whole which is defined by its function in a larger system of which it's a part
  •   Every system is contained in a larger system
  •    Its role or function in that system is what defines it
  •    For a system to perform its function it has essential parts
  •                        Essential parts are necessary for the system to perform its function but not sufficient
  •                        Implies that an essential property of a system is that it can not be divided into independent parts.
  •                       Its properties derive out of the interaction of its parts and not the actions of its parts taken separately.
  •      If you apply analysis to a system you take it apart and it loses all its essential properties, and so do its parts.
  •      A system is never the sum of its parts. It is the product of the interactions of its parts.

In my opinion Alexander Hamilton saw the United States as a whole (Central Government, National Currency, National Bank, Three Branches of Govt.) and not the individual parts (States, State Currency, Excessive States Rights (AH believed they should have many rights). If it were left up to many of our Founding Father's wishes we would have separate countries and the United States would be more like Europe. 

His ideas on combing the national debt united the country for the benefit of the whole and not the individual few (States). 

It is often said that changes that results in lasting improvement come from the outside. People too close to a situation can not let go of their biases (Like many of the founding fathers from Virginia and Massachusetts). 

Hamilton was not born in the United States and thus owned no allegiance to any particular state. (island of Nevis). He saw the country as a whole and united it would always be superior to the sum of it's parts.

Today our government is about the parts and individual biases of the democratic and republican parties. What a shame and embarrassment you people are to the common people.

INDIVISIBLE! - No greater word in our pledge of allegiance.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Democrats and Republicans and all else in between. Heed these words...

 Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought - Albert Einstein

Image result for Deming believed profound knowledge
Dr. Deming taught that profound knowledge generally comes from outside the system and is only useful if it is accepted and received with an enthusiasm to learn and improve. A system cannot understand itself without help from outside the system, because previous experiences will stifle objectivity, preventing vital analysis of the organization (i.e, Government). Serious self-examination is difficult without impartial analysis from outside the organization.

Perhaps Newt Gingrich can explain to the Washington Bureaucrats...

Updated - 6/1/17

I'm reading a new book (Highly Recommend) about the teachings of Dr. Deming by Edward Martin Baker, one of Dr. Deming's most valued associates, Mr.  Baker shares his deep understanding of Dr. Deming's System of Profound Knowledge.

Monday, May 29, 2017



I have been this updating this Post since 2008. It is a good reminder for me of the veterans in my family that served us all with distinction during troubled times (WWI, WWII and Vietnam).

5/29/17 - Memorial Day

After attending this years Memorial Day celebration ceremony at the White Chapel in Troy, Michigan I thought it would be nice to give a thanks to a man who over the years has dedicated himself to preserving the honor and memory of Michigan's military and particular for providing focus to the the Detroit Polar Bears - Mr. Stanley Bozich. Mr. Bozich serv ed many years as the Director of Michigan's Military and Space Museum located in Frankenmouth Michigan. I urge you to visit this museum and get a an appreciation of the service that so many people from Michigan provided to keep us free.

The Museum has a wonderful exhibit devoted to the Polar Bears -

He also authored this book in 1985.

More books on the Polar Bears can be found here:

5/30/16 - Memorial Day

Our 2nd grade class went to the Detroit Zoo for a filed trip a few weeks back. As I was walking past the Polar Bear Exhibit I noticed a plaque honoring my Grandfather's Polar Bear Regiment.

Click on Pic to Enlarge.

Today may have been the best weather day for our annual Memorial Day tribute at the White Chapel Cemetery in Troy Michigan. Fifteen people from our family (Including my son who is in town) attended honoring our Grandfather who served in WWI and was a member of Detroit's own Polar Bears.

This was also a very special day because of a fine gentleman and friend who attended the ceremony that I have had the privilege of knowing for the past eight years. Jim W. has a great love for military history and he is a devoted educational leader who has a great respect for those who have served in the military. 

For a number of years Jim and members of his family select veteran's graves and clean them up and leave an American Flag. This year Jim surprised me by finding my Grandfather's grave and cleaned it up the best he could and left a flag. Here is the picture took for me: Click on Pic to Enlarge.

Thank you Jim! I salute you!!

5/25/15 - Memorial Day

Good family turnout (19) at what now has become an annual get together to honor our grandfather who was a "Polar Bear" in WWI. We also had our traditional lunch at Red Robin's.

Here are some Pics from today's events. I especially like the plaques that are found at the base of the Polar Bear Memorial.
Click on Pics to Enlarge

5/26/14 - Memorial Day

We had a great turnout (17) for our annual Memorial Day tribute. This has become a nice get together with my sisters, cousins and 2nd cousins. While we go to honor the memory of our Grandfather who served as a Polar Bear in WWI we honor all those who have served and died for our great country. Here a a few Pics and a video from this year's ceremony.


5/27/13 - Memorial Day

The official Polar Bear Website has been updated:

Click on Pics to Enlarge

Another Memorial Day spent at the White Chapel honoring the WWI Polar Bears who served in Northern Russia in 1918 and 1919.

The weather was perfect around 70 degrees. The past 3 years it was close to 90. Unfortunately, my Mom (91 years old) was unable to attend but my sisters (Linda, Patti) and my cousin (Gary) represented the family proudly.

The lady (Patti Lubonte) did a great job singing - here are a few clips:



5/28/12 - Memorial Day

This year's Memorial Day turned out to be a special day again when members (15) of my family on my mother's side attended the ceremony at the White Chapel cemetery in Troy Michigan honoring my grandfather and his fellow Polar Bears from WWI (story below in an earlier post). That is my 90 year old Mom in the wheelchair

After the F10 Jets passes over we all went to Red Robin for a nice lunch and sharing of memories.

4/28/12 -  Updated - Presenting of the Cane

This is a special entry. My Mom celebrated her 90th Birthday last Saturday and my cousin Rizal Baysa presented my Mom with a handcrafted cane detailing my father's military career during WWII. What a special surprise and wonderful gift!

For more on this wonderful group please read a past post -

Click on Pic to Enlarge
What a special day! I attended the annual White Chapel Memorial for Michigan's own Polar Bears again this year and I had company with 10 relatives all related to our Grandfather Aldred Buckler. My Mom who is 89 and my two sisters. PLUS my cousins (my Mom's sister Carol deceased) and her children and some of their children and one of their children!!


My cousin Gary also presented me with our Grandfather's WWI Rifle - What a treasure!

We finished the afternoon off by reminiscing at a restaurant and now plan on making this an annual event. WOW - how cool is that!


On Saturday May 29th I attended my niece's wedding in Chicago. The conversation about the WWI Polar Bears came up and I told my relatives what I had found about our grandfather. One of my cousin's who spent a great deal of time with my grandfather told me about two incidents that happened to my grandfather while in Russia.

First - my grandfather was not an overly religious man but one day a bullet came ripping through the barracks went through his legs and “killed” the soldier in the bunk below. From that day forward he started to become a devout Catholic because of a medal my grandmother had given him prior to leaving for overseas.
Second – It seems along the path where they marched there were diamonds and emeralds just laying on the sides of the path. Many of the soldiers put them in their pockets only to be told by their British commanders to take them out because they were not real.
My grandfather brought a few back and had diamond and emerald rings made for my grandmother. This is a fact because my cousin who told me this last Saturday was the one involved in the rings being tossed in an incinerator by mistake!

2009 - POPS!
"Pops" died a few months ago. He lived a simple life raising his family and strengthening his faith each day. He wanted the best for his children and strive to provide that assistance in his own unique way.

Double Clic on Pic to Enlarge

Pops had a special love for the children suffering from leukemia and often contributed to St. Jude Hospital and other organizations.

His love of country was also showed in his own way just like he did as a soldier towards the end of WWII. He served like many of the other millions of veterans during WWII. He never forgot what it meant to be an American.

Pops was my Father-In-Law and I will miss him but he lives in his children and their children and for that I will be eternally thankful.
This year I would like to add an Email my brother sent me:

It is the VETERAN,

not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the VETERAN,

not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the VETERAN,

not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is the VETERAN,

not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the VETERAN,

not the politician, Who has given us the right to vote.
It is the VETERAN who salutes the Flag,

It is the VETERAN who serves under the Flag,


I wrote this post for Memorial Day (2005) to honor my Grandfather (Maternal) and My Father who were both Veterans that fought bravely in War.

My Brother-In-Law Raymond (Larry) Leibold who served honorably in Vietnam with The United States Marine Corps.

While Memorial Day is the commemoration of those soldiers killed during war, I wanted to highlight two Veterans that did not die during the war. For the past few years I have been trying to find records and documentation that described what they went through so that we can live free.

World WWI – Polar Bear

The picture below is Aldred S. Buckler. No, they are not five brothers, just an over exposure of my Grandfather taken in Murmansk Russia in 1918. Strangely enough he was a twin. My Grandfather served with the “Polar Bears,” Regiment 339, Supply Company. Below is their story:

If you Zoom in he is in the 2nd Row from the top - then count from left he is the 11th soldier.

Detroit's Polar Bears and their confusing war

For the majority of American soldiers in the battlefields of Europe, the 1918 armistice with Germany meant an end to the horrors of war and the promise of returning home.

But for one group of Detroit servicemen the end of the fighting in Europe was merely the beginning of another ordeal in the frozen reaches of Russia.

These soldiers were to become members of the American North Russian Expeditionary Force. Along with British, French and Canadian allies these "Polar Bears" were sent to the frozen frontier of Archangel, Russia, in September 1918, in a confused attempt to thwart the Russian revolution. It would be another grueling nine months (temperature hit 56 degrees below zero) before they would finally make it home in June 1919.

Few front-line soldiers understand the international complexities of war, but this chapter of WWI was particularly painful. The men who fought this battle had no idea why they were there or who was the enemy.

Unfortunately for my Grandfather suffered from frostbite on both legs and shell shock after his return to Detroit. He was in and out of the VA hospital over the years and initially did not receive a disability check from the government. My Grandmother needed a lawyer friend in order to get the disability because the VA wouldn't justify his shell shock and frostbite. His main source of income was cutting hair as a barber. He died in 1963.

Below - I have collected some books, articles and a video about the Polar Bears: Click on Pic to Enlarge

For more information on the Polar Bears please go to:


The man below is my father – Norman D. Campbell Sr., tracking down his records was difficult because of the fire in St. Louis years in 1973 
that destroyed many veterans records from WWI – WWII.

Through a Scrapbook my Mom kept during the War years and his discharge papers I was able to reconstruct much of his record and medals in 2004 (stolen in New York after returning from Europe, he never bothered to replace them). He served in the 327th Gliders, 101 Airborne and 82nd Airborne, could have been others as they all converged on Bastogne in the winter of 1944. My Father died in 1974.
Click on Pics to Enlarge.

In January the 101st received its third parachute regiment, the 501st Parachute Infantry. On 5 February General Lee, who had championed the airborne cause from the beginning, suffered a heart attack. Although he had brought the division from its initial organization through training for the fight in Europe, General Lee was not to be part of the 101st's baptism of fire. He was relieved of his command and returned to the United States. Brig. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, former commander of the 82d Airborne Division Artillery, assumed command of the 101st on 14 March. The division underwent another organizational change that month, when the 2d Battalion, 401st Glider Infantry, was permanently transferred to the 82d Airborne Division. The 1st Battalion was attached to the 327th Glider Infantry to operate under that regiment as a third battalion. The 1st Battalion, 401st GIR, was made an official element of the 327th GIR in April 1945.

VIETNAM MARINE (click picture to Enlarge)

My Brother-In-Law Larry was like most Vietnam Vets who saw combat and that is he never spoke much of what he went through in Vietnam. He was a proud Marine who always hung the Marine Corps Flag.

The shock and pain of Larry's death hit our family hard because of what a great husband, father and friend to all who knew him.

My Mom said it best when she said our family is much greater because of having had Larry Leibold in our family and lives.

The funeral home and funeral mass was overflowing from those who wanted to pay their last respects to human being that served his country, family and friends with courage, loyalty, humor and a lust for life.
He will always be with us through his wonderful children.


In memory of all those who died in battle and those currently serving around the globe, and the soldiers I served with,

I Salute You

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Secretary DeVos Calls for ‘Transformation’ of America’s ‘Closed and Antiquated Education System’

On January 23rd 2017 I posted the following:

Secretary DeVos - "What Gets Planned, and Measured, Gets Done" - Time for Transformation

Today May 23rd I read the following:

Secretary DeVos: America Must Transform Education to Serve the Needs of Individual Students

I read the Secretary's speech with great interest. In my opinion she makes some great points and observations about our current education system. The key word is "System." In my January post I bolded and highlighted "Please make sure you support yourself with team leaders who understand systems thinking."

In order for the transformation to have a chance one must understand that within any system there are inputs and outputs. Secretary DeVos states that:

"If we really want to help students, then we need to focus everything about education on individual students – funding, supporting and investing in them. Not in buildings; not in systems."

"Education should reward outcomes, not inputs."

Please understand the "STUDENT" is the input and the output as he/she travels through the education system. 

Perhaps the following diagram will help - it is needed to be understood in order for a transformation to take place.

CLICK on Pic to ENLARGE Model

NOTE: I can't help but believe based on my many years of trying to be a "change agent (transformational in in some areas)" in both business and education is to make sure that all those involved are not to feel bad about what was previously done. So - Secretary DeVos please go forward with fresh ideas, new theories and probable solutions that are not based on what people/workers will perceive as their fault for the current situation. Criticism and blame will result in a battle at every step of the transformation and it will fail. Perhaps others in the current administration should also heed this advice.