Thursday, March 22, 2007

SIPOC Analysis Questions

I have blogged a number of SIPOC posts that has generated a number of hits, questions and requests for original pictures/diagrams that sometimes don't show up well on the blog.

Good SIPOC diagrams just don't happen and many of the "pretty" looking ones don't have enough "meat" to make any sense or define a process well enough for improvements.

In order for a good SIPOC Analysis you need good questions and to be a good interviewer.

This post will provide a SIPOC questionnaire that should provide you with a good model (start) for any type of process. Good Luck and remember to Email me if you need a better diagram. My only request is that you let me know if it helps you and if you can improve it in anyway for others to utilize. CLICK ON PIC TO ENLARGE

For more qualityg posts on SIPOC go to

Educational SIPOC Example at


Anonymous said...


This site provides the best example on what SIPOC is all about.

Do you do presentations or ever speak to work groups?


qualityg says said...


Yes, send me an Email for more information. I am not a CONSULTANT!

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