Monday, June 12, 2017

Alexander Hamilton - "America's First Systems Thinker"

In order to understand what I propose it is first best to define "Systems Thinking."

I believe Dr. Russel Ackoff provided the best definitions and explanations for "Systems Thinking."

·         System - a system is a whole which is defined by its function in a larger system of which it's a part
  •   Every system is contained in a larger system
  •    Its role or function in that system is what defines it
  •    For a system to perform its function it has essential parts
  •                        Essential parts are necessary for the system to perform its function but not sufficient
  •                        Implies that an essential property of a system is that it can not be divided into independent parts.
  •                       Its properties derive out of the interaction of its parts and not the actions of its parts taken separately.
  •      If you apply analysis to a system you take it apart and it loses all its essential properties, and so do its parts.
  •      A system is never the sum of its parts. It is the product of the interactions of its parts.

In my opinion Alexander Hamilton saw the United States as a whole (Central Government, National Currency, National Bank, Three Branches of Govt.) and not the individual parts (States, State Currency, Excessive States Rights (AH believed they should have many rights). If it were left up to many of our Founding Father's wishes we would have separate countries and the United States would be more like Europe. 

His ideas on combing the national debt united the country for the benefit of the whole and not the individual few (States). 

It is often said that changes that results in lasting improvement come from the outside. People too close to a situation can not let go of their biases (Like many of the founding fathers from Virginia and Massachusetts). 

Hamilton was not born in the United States and thus owned no allegiance to any particular state. (island of Nevis). He saw the country as a whole and united it would always be superior to the sum of it's parts.

Today our government is about the parts and individual biases of the democratic and republican parties. What a shame and embarrassment you people are to the common people.

INDIVISIBLE! - No greater word in our pledge of allegiance.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Democrats and Republicans and all else in between. Heed these words...

 Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought - Albert Einstein

Image result for Deming believed profound knowledge
Dr. Deming taught that profound knowledge generally comes from outside the system and is only useful if it is accepted and received with an enthusiasm to learn and improve. A system cannot understand itself without help from outside the system, because previous experiences will stifle objectivity, preventing vital analysis of the organization (i.e, Government). Serious self-examination is difficult without impartial analysis from outside the organization.

Perhaps Newt Gingrich can explain to the Washington Bureaucrats...

Updated - 6/1/17

I'm reading a new book (Highly Recommend) about the teachings of Dr. Deming by Edward Martin Baker, one of Dr. Deming's most valued associates, Mr.  Baker shares his deep understanding of Dr. Deming's System of Profound Knowledge.