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3 Auto CEOs go to Washington - Another Example of “The Demise of American Management”

I’m sick of picking up the paper to keep reading that the Leadership at GM and Delphi (to name a few) are adding to their buyouts, cuts and early retirement packages. Worse is the praise they get from business reporters and some academic professor that researches but never has worked in the industry or faced continuous downsizing/unemployment year after year.

It is so easy to get rid of employees, just bring in hatchet person who likes his/her job and give them free reign to destroy your company. It will not happen overnight or next week and perhaps maybe even next year, but it will eventually happen.

Why should executive management care, most of them if not all of them will be long gone before the cutting, outsourcing and downsizing takes place or finishes? First to go are the so-called poor performers (Fat), then the so-said evaluated mid range performers (Muscle), along with training, travel, and off-site meetings. Lastly, the so-professed best employees (Tendons) are given early retirements, severance packages or just plain pink slips. In addition, at this time no new technology or upgrades are to be done until the company again becomes profitable or at least has a good quarter and Wall Street says “Good Boys and Girls.” Your company is now “Bad To The Bone,” I mean Bone Head!

Do you not realize you will never again have the work ethic and experience that you have sliced away? The best employees are also your smartest and most flexible employees. They will leave before the fat, muscle and tendons are cut away. Why? Because they can you Bone Head. You have cut the company’s throat, not your own because you get to go to another company and start all over again being a Bone Head. The Vultures are circling.

The floowing question and answer was asked of a GM official:

QUESTION: Will these cuts, and buyouts hurt General Motors or Delphi Quality?
ANSWER: GM and Delphi say that quality will not be affected. But the job cuts will create some worker shortages this year at dozens of plants across North America. Both companies plan to hire temporary workers to ease the transition, and some observers say quality could be hurt.

Below is a graph that will help explain why this is statement is so wrong and just plain stupid on the part of GM and Delphi and any other company that wants to "lie" about losing experienced or older workers.

The table below provides data on the savings GM expects to get on labor. The only problem is they are looking at these figures like they do for many of their reports. It is vague, does not include all of the inputs to make that decision and is void of any type of Systems Thinking (i.e., It is Independent of itself, it should be Interdependent and take into account more factors, like the ones shown in my graph above). Where is the cost of poor quality that will be inherent with all of the "new" employees? Click pic for better view.


The table below provides data on the savings GM expects to get on labor. The only problem is they are looking at these figures like they do for many of their reports. It is vague, does not include all of the inputs to make that decision and is void of any type of Systems Thinking (i.e., It is Independent of itself, it should be Interdependent and take into account more factors, like the ones shown in my graph above). Where is the cost of poor quality that will be inherent with all of the "new" employees? Click pic for better view.
Since the early 1980s quality and management experts like the late W. Edwards Deming have been advising American Managers (especially auto industry) to create short and long-term plans that emphasize continual process improvement. The essence of a great plan or roadmap is that it never ends it just keeps getting better and it avoids pitfalls and dead-ends by Bone Heads. The plans were going to take time and endurance but that is not the American way, there were no short-cuts.

I've said before that the most important skill a manager can have is "predictability." Predictability comes with having your nose to the ground watching, listening and above all tracking ( with good customer data, not bad financial data) to the rumbles in the marketplace, knowing exactly what your competition is going to do and then prevent it from happening or beat them to the punch.

Have you taken a look where the CEOs of the Ford, GM and Chrysler Corporations have been hanging out?

The CEOs came to the Capitol to meet with members of Congress to discuss fuel efficiency and other issues.

What's wrong with this picture? The members of Congress used to come to Detroit to meet with the Big 3.

Each generation may grow wiser but they will also be more powerless.

American Management Executives cannot create an environment of consistency, and long-term plans (aim). Wall Street will not let them (i.e., Kirk K), their egos wont let them, their performance evaluations won’t let them, their union won't let them, their country club won’t let them and nor will their board of directors.

The only chance we have to compete in this Global Marketplace is to send our American Management Techniques and Bone Heads overseas.

I wonder if Gustav Humbert ex-CEO of Airbus who just resigned studied American Management techniques? Here is his out going statement:

"As president and CEO of Airbus, I must take responsibility for this setback and fell the right course of action is to offer my resignation to our shareholders."

Another example of arrogance and WRONG priorities by a CEO. Where does he mention the setback he did to the employees, what about their customers? It's always about the short-term financial dollar (you see management delays costs the company $2.6 billion, that is a whole bunch of Euros).

Perhaps since he is French he can go to Renault and help out GM? probably not, K.K. wants Nissan.

For more reading on the plight of Delphi & GM go to

See numbers 9, 10 & 18

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Misc--> Thanks to the Charlie Rose Show for the Mr. & Mrs. Gates and Warren Buffett Quality Interview

On Monday June 26, 2006 I watched the PBS Charlie Rose Show with guests Warren Buffett and Melinda & Bill Gates.

It was really special to listen to the reasons and thoughts that went into Warren Buffett giving Billions of Dollars to the Gates Foundation.

The commitment of the Gates' to this Foundation is remarkable and should be applauded and thanked from everyone around the globe.

Warren Buffett's trust in Mr. & Mrs. Gates to use his money is an outstanding display of human nature at its best.

One of the statements that sticks with me is when Mr. Buffett said that he expects that mistakes will be made, freeing the foundation to try, fail, learn and try again.

Very profound, without being able to test and theory and make mistakes no learning will occur. It is clear that this philosophy followed by both the Gates' and Buffett is why they are so successful. They make plans and are not afraid to test them along the way so that the best decisions can be made by theory and asking questions of experts.

Charlie Rose is my favorite interviewer, if you did not get a chance to see the show and with these great personalities I have provided the links below.

The following is from the Charlie Rose Show Web Site -
AN EXCLUSIVE TELEVISION INTERVIEW ABOUT A NEW PARTNERSHIP IN PHILANTHROPY WITH WARREN BUFFETT, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.MELINDA GATES, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Click here for video of program:

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Quality Leadership "Be a Great Leader -- Reveal Your Performance Evaluation" Be a better leader...NOT!

I found this article today at Yahoo's Finance Page.

"Be a Great Leader -- Reveal Your Performance Evaluation" - complete story

"Sharing your personal performance against the goals set for you will engage associates to help you become a better leader. They'll know what your strengths are and where you might need help. The practice creates energy and builds trust."

By: Ram Charan
Ram Charan is a highly acclaimed business advisor, speaker, and author who has coached some of the world’s most successful CEOs. For 35 years, he has worked behind the scenes at companies like GE, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont, Novartis, EMC, Home Depot, 3M, Verizon, and Thomson.

qualityg says ... Sorry, Performance Evaluations will never produce the results that they are intended to do. The paragraph above says engage your associates for you to become a better leader. If you have not already done this how did you become a leader in the first place?

Unfortunately I can not find an address where to respond to Mr. Charan.

To be a better leader have "ALL" employee performance evaluations and "BONUSES" posted on your comapany's web site for all associates to be enraged (I mean engaged). - This will never happen.

Performance Evals is one of the main causes for the "Demise of American Management."

To be a greater leader - GET RID OF THEM! It's time to start concentrating on things that matter and that is prevention of errors (reduce costs), innovative, increase productivity, increase market share and increase jobs. Be a great leader and get mad at the defects and errors that are being produced within your processes. Do your jobs and set the example for your people to do their jobs correctly. Quit trying to evaluate after the fact. In fact quit trying all together.

Trying to be better is not good enough anymore. I can't sing and no matter how much I try I will never be a singer, it's not who I am, I am not comfortable with it and in fact I just plain stink. It would be wrong for me to keep trying to become a singer, just as it is wrong for many CEOs and Managers to try and become Leaders.

Start being a "Voice" of change instead of "Echoing" the same American Management conventional thinking.

Other posts by qualityg on this subject:

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Why is the UAW Convention Held in Las Vegas? Updated 6/23/06


Each generation may grow wiser but they will also be more powerless.

Why is the UAW Convention in Las Vegas?

How Much did the convention cost?

Most Quality leaders will tell you “customer perception” is everything. Perception in the eyes of the customer is “reality.”

So I ask again, why is the UAW Convention in Las Vegas and not in a city that represents hard working people earning money through labor? Why is it not held in a city where a major corporation keeps downsizing, cutting benefits and adding stressors to the workers every day life?

Why is it the same old headlines come out of these meetings (they really do)? Here are a few:
- Delegates are confident union can grow
- We must keep battling management
- We must unionize other industries
- We must have a long term plan with new solutions to the problems
- We have the passion, look around this convention here in beautiful Las Vegas
- These challenges we face today are unlike any in our history

qualityg says/asks …

- Grow? Ask the textile workers.
- Management ranks are shrinking as fast as union workers.
- Since you are in Las Vegas and your members have the passion why not unionize the
brothels and the street girls.
- I believe you would gain more trust and respectability if you actually brought a short-term
and long-term plan to one of these conventions. Develop”Constancy of Purpose” and get
your workers on board toward some common goals.
- Perhaps you should start thinking global unionization just like the companies are making
partners all around the world.
- Try reading your union history books, most of the problems you are facing are the same.
- Perhaps you need new solutions, but the problems remain year after year.

If you want public support get the Hell out of Vegas. It’s true what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and so do the empty promises.

Mr. G, did you ever respond to this letter?

Dear Mr. Gettelfinger, August 3, 2002
At our June 9, 2002 union meeting, it was brought to our attention by a member of our New Administration that there was a misappropriation of Union funds by the Past President and Officials of Local 239.

The membership elected 4 Delegates and 4 Alternates to attend the 33rd UAW Conventions in Las Vegas. However, 5 ex-officials and 2 of their wives also went to Las Vegas at our expense. The membership of Local 239 did not approve of the $19,000 in Airfare, Hotel accommodations and spending money paid out of our Union funds to send the 5 ex-officials and their wives.

How much did the convention cost?

NOTE - I am not, nor have I ever been an employee of the UAW or an Auto Company. I did belong to the CWA for a few years in the 70s and my father was a Teamster (50s - 70s). What bothers me most about the Unions is their lack of "Interdependence" among their own groups and other industry groups (UAW, CWA, AFL-CIO, etc).

Following is an interesting site I need to visit this site each week.

qualityg says ... SOS --> Be Agressive, Be Smart, Stay Agressive

As you know when I mention a person or organization I try to send an Email or comment on their web page to let them know. 99% of the time I hear nothing back. Below is the message on the UAW site ( if you want to ask a question.

Geez, get in the 21 century boys, and I'm not a Union Member.

To contact the UAW International, write us at:
UAWSolidarity House8000 East Jefferson AvenueDetroit, Michigan 48214
or call us at: (313) 926-5000
This web site is not a substitute for the procedures outlined in collective bargaining agreements, the UAW's Constitution or Local Union by-laws. So questions related to union business, including any contractual or constitutional issues, should be made through the appropriate channels in the Local Union.
If you would like to contact the UAW about organizing your workplace, please go to the
organizing contact page.
Contact information for UAW regional offices can be found in the
Where We Are section of this site. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Talk about bureaucracy.

For more qualityg post on the Auto Industry go to

SEE POSTS # 9, 10 and 18.

Each generation may grow wiser but they will also be more powerless.


I understand a large portion of the approved $60 million dollars will go to organizing new members.

Why not $40 million or $100 million?

Is it possible to see the cost/benefit analysis breakdown that came up with that amount of money? Could you post it on your web site or perhaps in the papers?

You see Union Leadership is wise, the members are powerless.


I did not find out how much the Convention in Vegas cost, but the Detroit Free Press provided some other costs.

Wow! Sad to say, Union Leadership follows the city of Detroit's management style. Declining population of members (citizens), but increased spending and same amount of administrative positions.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Quality Leadership - Remote/Virtual Leadership - an example letter...

With all the talk of bird flu, west nile and terrorism it may become necessary to have people work from home or a remote location other than work will they can't be supervided.

Following is a letter (introductory) I sent to my people who are located remotely around the country before our first face-to-face meeting.

One of my personal objectives that I set for myself each year is to continually improve on being the best Leader I can be for the people I serve. In order to do that, I need to define what Leadership means to me and then apply it in my every day work. In my opinion, the first priority of a new leader is bringing together or integrating his/her team. It must be cohesive and above all it must have an AIM! That is what I hope to start providing at our first meeting.

Over the past few years one of the areas of Leadership that I have concentrated on is what I call “Remote/Virtual Leadership”. That is, how do I lead a person or group when I can’t go out of my office, sit down and communicate face to face, and be sure that the message I am making or relaying is understood and vice versa. This is not a new area of leadership, but is one that has not received the proper attention or study that it deserves to fully support and provide to the folks who are remote, a feeling that they are part of a team, valued as a team member and secure as an individual. My goal for us is to be the model for others as to what it takes to be a Team that can continually move forward, in the same direction, knowing that each team member has the support and partnership of other team members, whether they sit next to you or not.

In order to do this I need to first explain and communicate my thoughts and then to gather theirs so they become one concise message that has an AIM (purpose).

I see my leadership role in three major areas:
1. Communicator (Directional)
2. Transformer (Interpersonal)
3. Performance Excellence (Implementational)

Communicator – Regardless of whether one is remote or in the same location it is essential that I provide clear and concise information. At the core of this is that I must be an even better listener. One of my old habits was that I listened to respond, instead of listened to understand. I now listen to understand, so at times I may be silent, trying to comprehend (quickly) what is being communicated, so that I may respond in the best interest of the group (whole), not just for myself or a particular individual. This is called “Systems Thinking” and I will provide more on this topic as we grow together as a team.

Following are some of the items you can expect from me through my modes of communication (Meetings, Email, Phone Calls, Support):
- Actively Listen
- Listen to understand and ask question if I don’t
- Connect/Align Values/Objectives/Goals
- Our work is important
- Provide my point of view, request your point of view
- Engage in honest dialogue
- Provide feedback in real time with real answers
- Build Cooperation and Trust
- Frequent Communication (sharing the big picture puts us all on same page)
- STS -->Shoot The Shit Meetings (one rule - no work talk allowed)
So this all sounds good, but you also have to work in an environment that allows open communication to take place. This happens by challenging people to do more and be more than what they believe they are, and it is also about knowing, when you are part of a team, that collectively we are much stronger and produce more than individuals. This is done through Transformation.

Transformer – This is where I need to provide an environment for us to excel, where we can have some fun, and if we make a mistake, we learn from it, share the knowledge and go forward. Where change, while often out of our control, is discussed, but more importantly where we as a team can control change and that we also try to control our own destiny.

What follows are some of the traits that I continuously work on to be a better leader (always looking for more suggestions). Improving my leadership skills means facing the inevitable discomfort of hearing both positive and negative feedback.

- Lead, Not Control
- Seek Profound Knowledge (System, Variation, Knowledge, Psychology)
- Seek constancy of purpose
- Seek constant improvement
- Take Risks ( if they go bad, protect your people)
- Be willing to experiment
- Embrace (not encourage) error or defects for learning when they happen
- Plan, Measure and respond/predict the future
- Make the hard decisions when required
- Welcome Change and be flexible

In today’s work environment and with the amount of different projects going on at the same time, it is critical that Team-Based/Project Management approaches be applied whenever possible. Many of us function daily at the very edge of our competence and too frequently find ourselves overcome with the complexity that surrounds us with so many changes happening at the same time. Being part of the End-To-End Process Team means being part of a genuine team, bringing with it the advantage of having other’s knowledge and experience readily available to assist when requested.

An effective leader must be able to lead people and “manage” the things, processes and business issues that compile each workday. It will be easier if we go on this journey together as opposed to going it alone.

Ok, I have written some nice words and made some lists, but how do we make sense of all this, how does it apply, and if someone asked you what type of Leadership do you receive or expect, you can inform them of what I commonly refer to as the 7 Es:

ENVISION – It is my job to relate/communicate to you the corporate, departmental, etc… objectives into a meaningful AIM or purpose for us to follow.

ENLIGHTEN (Pre-requisite to Enablement) – This is where we as a Team create an awareness, understanding and sense of urgency as to what is expected of us to meet the objectives.
EMPOWER (Pre-requisite to Encourage) – Based on previous EEEs, provide by which we are to operate with each function/process of our work.

EXECUTE (Pre-requisite to Empower) - Based on previous EEEEs, provide the methods and procedures (As developed by all stakeholders) by which we are to operate with each function/process of our work.
EVALUATE (Pre-requisite to Encourage_ - What Gets Planned and Measured Gets Done!
ENCOURAGE - Recognize and encourage behaviors for on-going improvements and culture change. Each of us has the responsibility to recognize and praise the good work done by others.

I encourage you to ask questions and provide suggestions at our meeting, or feel free to send me an Email and I will provide the answers at our meeting.



Friday, June 09, 2006

NCLB ACT - UPDATED 6/8/06 - "report from the second hearing on testing"


Americans are so impatient, we want everything now and we can’t wait for a solution to be developed let alone implemented before we are on to another subject or crisis.

Our Educational System continues taking a beating because of this type of thinking. Quickly come up with some solution like No Child Left Behind (NCLB), implement it and then force it to fit in a round hole when it can only fit into a square.

You then add in all the requirements for state testing (i.e., MEAP) and the ever changing school solutions as political parties change hands after each election and you have the recipe for “Tampering” and ultimately “Big Butt Wide Variation” that leads to failure.

Like in most failures it’s the little people who lose, as in this case our children.

Teachers have no choice but to teach to federal requirements and state tests (even when they conflict) that are bound by test dates. If a teacher is not a certain point in the lesson book then the children will not have had a chance to learn all the criteria for a passing grade. Unfortunately with this type of strategy the gap that is getting bigger between those minority students who will understand the learning’s regardless of requirements, and the majority students (average and below) who are falling further behind.

The average students are most likely to learn if given the “normal” time to learn a lesson plan. The so-called below average students need additional help and time that comes from a dedicated teacher and peers who help each other out. This type of learning does not take place in many many school districts.

So NCLB results are going to end up like unemployment figures. Once you have used up your weeks you are no longer counted as unemployed. In other words you don’t matter because policy and lawmakers use bogus statistics like these for creating budgets and dollars to be spent.

It’s not that parents don’t care; it’s just low on their priority list (until it’s to late) with all of the other things going on in each family. We address problems when they become disasters and then want speedy and basically “stupid” solutions spouted by equally “stupid” policy and lawmakers who are more concerned about getting elected.

Teachers are equally under the gun to try and save their jobs vs. making sure all the students are getting the attention they need to be successful.

NCLB guidelines published in December 2002 by the Education Department,
insist that parents of students in poorly performing schools be allowed to
transfer them even if it causes overcrowding elsewhere in the school district.

This assumes that moving poorly performing children about from one school to
another will improve the learning of those children and the performance of the schools themselves. Student performance improves when instruction improves, and
when instruction is given the proper time limits for the level of student’s knowledge in each class. However, this is not necessarily going to happen just because a student hip hops to a different school trying to find the best teacher. What about the next year, do you move your child again? What if there are only
a few good teachers in each school? The overall results will still be failure
for the school.

Systems Thinking (qualityg always insists on systems thinking) cautions us about unforeseen changes rising up whenever pressures are applied like the ones coming from NCLB and State Tests. If we measure only math and reading performance, for example, those scores may improve while other types of learning may decline (can anyone spell geography or name the three branches of government).

Studies show that NCLB's focus on just math and reading scores could have a profoundly unfair effect upon a generation of students in poorly performing schools, as schools may strip away much of the broad education that is their birthright in order to elevate scores on just two indicators. See what I mean, the gap is getting wider each day.

In Michigan, the Governor and her appointed educational staff want Math and Science to be the dominant two areas of study because they feel these are the main ingredients for job security for the future (wrong, state surveys prove parents do not feel this way).

Students in school districts that can pour as much many and additional resources
as needed in to their programs have a better chance of getting good scores will
be able to a learn much more diverse subjects like art, social studies and band, while disadvantaged students are condemned to a second-rate education. The goal
of elevating the performance of all students is laudable, but the change in performance must be across the board on all subject areas.

qualityg says… Our educators are getting more confused and frustrated as No Child Left Behind and State Test (i.e., MEAP) are leaving too many students, parents, teachers and administrators behind in a fog. “Systems Thinking” requires that all principal parts must come together before a total (whole) solution will be found.

In the meantime will you lawmakers responsible for the NCLB ACT please do an analysis and keep what is good and disregard what is bad. Let’s face it, not many large-scale project implementations go in error free.

It's time to get unleashed by politics and self-actualization and do what is right for everyone.

Go to No Child Left Behind for additional post by qualityg on NCLB.

Updated 2/27/06
qualityg has been asking for a review of this program for a long time. The study will be conducted by the Aspen Institute a nonprofit Washington think tank (oxymoron ??).

Updated 6/08/06
Testing: Making It Work for Children and Schools

The above title is the latest from the NCLB review as reported by the Aspen Institute. The title intrigued me because it reads like"MAKING SOMETHING HAPPEN," whether it is good or bad.
The testimonies provided by the panel of experts state that data proves a number of successes in many schools and states. For example,
The Center on Education Policy (CEP) also found that 78 percent of school districts surveyed for its study (From the Capital to the Classroom: Year 4 of the No Child Left Behind Act, released March 2006) reported that student achievement improved from 2003-2005 on the state tests used for NCLB. CEP also found statewide gains: 35 states said achievement had improved in reading during this time, and 36 states said it had improved in math. SAID??
The report states the data has a number of inaccuracies and missing elements that defines success.
"According to the Data Quality Campaign, no state data system currently includes every one of the 10 essential elements the Campaign defines as critical to longitudinal (or long-term) data systems. The question then becomes one of quality and utility: Are we able to effectively use the information gained from these annual assessments? Governor Roy Barnes, Co-Chairman of the Commission, raised this concern in his opening remarks, stating, “It makes little sense to assess our children if we can’t accurately and effectively manage the data which is produced from these assessments. Effective data systems can and should be one of the most important priorities for a state.”

So, what does all this mean? It means they have no idea if NCLB is working or not. One of the panel experts even used the aged old quality quote "we are data rich,
but information poor."
qualityg says ... "you are date poor and information poorer."

One highlight that I found was
"Tracking a student’s academic progress as he or she moves from grade to grade is gaining wide support as a more effective way of gauging student achievement and informing educational decision making." I have been asking and writing about this for some time, ther is no other way to accurately use trend data to really know if a student is progressing. It will also tell you how a group of students trending data can tell you if a school is progressing.

This does not mean using only state tests and repoirt cards as your input, itrequires teachers to do timely reviews and evaluations from all of their work, including behaviors.

My main concern is the lack of any mention of an improvement plan (which is good if data is bad, but I don't think that is why).

All I can say is wait until November of 2008 after the general elections for a new program roll-out telling us how the new method will correct the past mistakes - OUCH!
To read the complete report (there is also one on Children with Disabilities) go to

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quality Leadersip --> Do You have a Chief Quality Officer in your Company/Organization/Institution?

I got into a debate with a Quality/Process/Six Sigma... Consultant last week about Quality Leadership (qg's Quality Leadership).

Those who know me and frequent readers of this blog also know that I have a strong dislike of "most" so-called Quality Consultants.

I asked the consultant how many "Chief Quality Officers (CQO)" has he encountered in his travels and implementations of Quality Programs? He replied that in most companies the CQO position is often held by the CEO or one of the other Vice Presidents in the company. In other words it is a "Add-On" title to the "real title held by the individual.

You see most Quality Certifications require a company/organization/institution to have a Quality Leader in the hierarchy. This person usually attends a few Quality classes and then becomes officially trained in Quality, and maybe just maybe he/she will be a "Green Belt" in today's terms of a Quality aficionado.

While most quality consultants will all say there must be a Executive Quality Leader in their roll-out programs very few ever convince a company to have such a position.

If you look at the top five reasons why Quality Programs fail it is because of a "sustained" Quality Leader and Position within a company. If this is the case why then would a Quality Consultant Group contract with a company if they know it will fail without this position?

It's all about balance folks, if you only have a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer CFO), Chief Marketing & Sales Officer and a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the helm with a bunch of executive officers underneath them and even more VP positions under them you may find a VP or Director of Quality under one of them. Check your company organizational chart to see where your Chief Quality Officer is located.

Customer Surveys usually report that customers ultimately want Price, Value, Superb "Speedy" Service, and Simplicity in the product or service they purchase. One is missing and that is Quality, you can't have any of the others without a sound program and leader that integrates Quality into the day-to-day operations of all jobs.

Why do you think the majority a meeting revolve around finances, accounting and technology? Where does the customer come into play? Where do employees come into play? I will tell you, they come into play after the company finds out their finances, sales and accounting figures are not fact and after a company loses market share.

These are all after the fact problems which can be avoided with a CQO challenging their peers with preventive tactics that are done through the voice of the customer, processes, integrated systems and employees.

The Quality Consultant told me there is some truth to my reasoning but his company is a multi-million dollar operation and they have many happy customers with the amount of training and support they provide. I asked if his company pulls out if the company they are dealing with does not name or assign a Chief Quality Officer? Response - Hey it's their business.

Dr. Deming would have said "qualityg How Could They Know?"

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Quality Education ---> Kalamazoo Promise "Kids get free ride to college" Updated 6/4/06


Kalamazoo - Wow, donors who wish to remain anonymous have set up a fund where all public students will be able to go to a Michigan College Free.

The "Joy of Learning" will be available in this community and felt much wider by a few individuals who have the knowledge to know that this gift will be the best one ever received by most of these children.

Congrats --> DONORS - Hopefully others will see the wisdom of your ways and the foresight of your vision.

The Kalamazoo Promise - Kept exclusively at the Kalamazoo Public Schools
To provide each Kalamazoo Public School graduate with
the opportunity to attend post - secondary education with up to a 100% tuition scholarship.
All students who graduate from KPS, are residing in the district, and have been KPS students four years or more.

1. A graduate of a Kalamazoo Public Schools' high school.( Kalamazoo Central High School , Loy Norrix High School or Phoenix High School )
2. Admitted to and enrolled at any publicState of Michigan University or Community College.
a. Making regular progress toward a degree or certification.
b. Must maintain a 2.0 grade point average at the post-secondary institution.
Four years from graduating date unless interrupted for military service and successfully completing at least
12 hours each semester
Any public State of Michigan University or Community College.
The tuition benefit will be graduated on the basis of length of attendance in the Kalamazoo Public School system.

Length of Attendance Benefit
K-12 .......................100%
1-12 ........................95%
2-12 ........................95%
3-12 ........................95%
4-12 ........................90%
5-12 ........................85%
6-12 ........................80%
7-12 ........................75%
8-12 ........................70%
9-12 ........................65%
10-12 .....................None
11-12 .....................None
12-12 .....................None

More information about the administration of the program will be made available by January 24, 2006 .
© 2005 Kalamazoo Promise all rights reserved.

UPDATED 6/4/06 - Follow-Up Story

Kalamazoo a city where a quarter of the 77,000 residents live in poverty now feels revitalized.
"We really were in a crisis before the promise," Kalamazoo Mayor Hannah McKinney said.