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Why is the UAW Convention Held in Las Vegas? Updated 6/23/06


Each generation may grow wiser but they will also be more powerless.

Why is the UAW Convention in Las Vegas?

How Much did the convention cost?

Most Quality leaders will tell you “customer perception” is everything. Perception in the eyes of the customer is “reality.”

So I ask again, why is the UAW Convention in Las Vegas and not in a city that represents hard working people earning money through labor? Why is it not held in a city where a major corporation keeps downsizing, cutting benefits and adding stressors to the workers every day life?

Why is it the same old headlines come out of these meetings (they really do)? Here are a few:
- Delegates are confident union can grow
- We must keep battling management
- We must unionize other industries
- We must have a long term plan with new solutions to the problems
- We have the passion, look around this convention here in beautiful Las Vegas
- These challenges we face today are unlike any in our history

qualityg says/asks …

- Grow? Ask the textile workers.
- Management ranks are shrinking as fast as union workers.
- Since you are in Las Vegas and your members have the passion why not unionize the
brothels and the street girls.
- I believe you would gain more trust and respectability if you actually brought a short-term
and long-term plan to one of these conventions. Develop”Constancy of Purpose” and get
your workers on board toward some common goals.
- Perhaps you should start thinking global unionization just like the companies are making
partners all around the world.
- Try reading your union history books, most of the problems you are facing are the same.
- Perhaps you need new solutions, but the problems remain year after year.

If you want public support get the Hell out of Vegas. It’s true what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and so do the empty promises.

Mr. G, did you ever respond to this letter?

Dear Mr. Gettelfinger, August 3, 2002
At our June 9, 2002 union meeting, it was brought to our attention by a member of our New Administration that there was a misappropriation of Union funds by the Past President and Officials of Local 239.

The membership elected 4 Delegates and 4 Alternates to attend the 33rd UAW Conventions in Las Vegas. However, 5 ex-officials and 2 of their wives also went to Las Vegas at our expense. The membership of Local 239 did not approve of the $19,000 in Airfare, Hotel accommodations and spending money paid out of our Union funds to send the 5 ex-officials and their wives.

How much did the convention cost?

NOTE - I am not, nor have I ever been an employee of the UAW or an Auto Company. I did belong to the CWA for a few years in the 70s and my father was a Teamster (50s - 70s). What bothers me most about the Unions is their lack of "Interdependence" among their own groups and other industry groups (UAW, CWA, AFL-CIO, etc).

Following is an interesting site I need to visit this site each week.

qualityg says ... SOS --> Be Agressive, Be Smart, Stay Agressive

As you know when I mention a person or organization I try to send an Email or comment on their web page to let them know. 99% of the time I hear nothing back. Below is the message on the UAW site ( if you want to ask a question.

Geez, get in the 21 century boys, and I'm not a Union Member.

To contact the UAW International, write us at:
UAWSolidarity House8000 East Jefferson AvenueDetroit, Michigan 48214
or call us at: (313) 926-5000
This web site is not a substitute for the procedures outlined in collective bargaining agreements, the UAW's Constitution or Local Union by-laws. So questions related to union business, including any contractual or constitutional issues, should be made through the appropriate channels in the Local Union.
If you would like to contact the UAW about organizing your workplace, please go to the
organizing contact page.
Contact information for UAW regional offices can be found in the
Where We Are section of this site. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Talk about bureaucracy.

For more qualityg post on the Auto Industry go to

SEE POSTS # 9, 10 and 18.

Each generation may grow wiser but they will also be more powerless.


I understand a large portion of the approved $60 million dollars will go to organizing new members.

Why not $40 million or $100 million?

Is it possible to see the cost/benefit analysis breakdown that came up with that amount of money? Could you post it on your web site or perhaps in the papers?

You see Union Leadership is wise, the members are powerless.


I did not find out how much the Convention in Vegas cost, but the Detroit Free Press provided some other costs.

Wow! Sad to say, Union Leadership follows the city of Detroit's management style. Declining population of members (citizens), but increased spending and same amount of administrative positions.


Anonymous said...

you should be careful about what you write

Anonymous said...

Speaking of costs, is there anyone in the UAW still in the "Job Banks" program? I remember years ago a neighbor of ours was in the Job Bank for almost 10 years. He got paid 40 hours a week and rarely had to leave his home. I remember thinking how unfair it was that my dad had to go to work every morning while our neighbor would just sit on his porch all day. One day I overheard him and the mailman talking. The mailman was talking about all the welfare checks he was delivering that day. My neighbor would say things like "those lazy %$#(so-and-so's) need to find work and stop living off of the sweat of others". I nearly pee-ed in my pants when I heard that one. I'm sure by now my old neighbor is probably "retired" and is now collecting a pention as well as health care benefits for all those hard years of "work".

I always wondered how can a company afford to pay someone for not working? Now that I see how the car companies are doing I realize that they can't. I'm sure whoever the union guy(s) was that negotiated the Job Banks program thought he was doing a great service for the "working" man. Unfortuntely he was too short sighted to see that eventually it would cost everyone their jobs.

qualityg says said...

ANON #2 - I used to hear a lot about job banks and they were a good idea for employee, comapny & community.

Unfortunately, I too have heard some stories in the past few years.


ANON # 1

Perhaps you could let us know about Job Banks?

Anonymous said...

Wow! $750,000,000 a year paid out by GM for employees in the Job Banks program. That is amazing!!!

qualityg says said...


The above link from the Soldiers of Solidarity Link talks about "Job Banks."