Sunday, November 23, 2008

Problem Solving - "DIMS" - 20 Years Later

20 years ago I created my own problem solving method with an acronym of "DIMS." I created it because when it comes to problem solving I needed some method by which I could quickly move through my analysis that did not get muddied by multiple checkpoints and quality consultant trained mumbo-jumbo.

I hope it helps you too - qualityg

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Monday, November 10, 2008

President Elect Obama's change strategy ... By What Method?

President Elect Obama exemplified many of the finer qualities of leading change. Below are some of the ones I identified during his campaign:

Leader in Managing Change:
- Have a clear understanding of what is changing
- Know who will be impacted
- Anticipate how staff members will be affected
- Know what staff members have to gain and lose
- Assess where individuals are in their transition process
- Facilitate the transition of staff members
- Lead and Manage your own personal transition
- Communicate changes and resulting benefits to staff, customers, and other key stakeholders
- Lead and Manage the work activity coverage during the transition
- Keep the pressure on to keep people moving forward

Ten Characteristics of an Effective Change Leader:
- Gains support from and confidence of others
- Listens and collaborates effectively
- Takes Accountability and Risk
- Provides constructive feedback to others up & down the chain of command
- Builds relationships with customers, peers and team members it inspires and motivates
- Communicates openly, early and often
- Builds commitment face to face it provides clear direction
- Clarifies roles and responsibilities
- Replicates the model way for your team
- Shows others by example
- Instills Credibility & Trust
- Creates opportunities for small wins
- Recognizes - plans for fun to help boost morale

"Changes that result in improvement come from application of knowledge"
- Dr. Walter A. Shewhart"
Want Change?
"Challenge Conventional Wisdom with Profound Knowledge to Seek Creativity and Innovation"
- qualityg

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Michigan Elected Officials to lead the way out of our Economic Mess?

I am very sour on our elected officials in Michigan. Every time I see Senator Carl Levin and Congressman John Dingell I think if you guys are so important/powerful in Washington how come our state is in the pits and why is it so difficult to get funding to pull us out of this mess or assistance to bring businesses back to Michigan?

Our state should qualify for FEMA dollars. We didn't have an Explosion of a natural disaster but an Implosion of our governmental system.

President-elect Barack Obama's transition team on Thursday named Gov. Jennifer Granholm and former Michigan Congressman David Bonior of Macomb County to Obama's economic advisory team.

I guess they need Michigan folks to show them what not to do.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Senators Obama & McCain ---> Who are in your Cabinet?

Why is it we never hear about who the next president elect is going to appoint to serve in their cabinet? Why is it I never hear this question asked in a debate or town hall meeting?

I don’t like to vote for just what one person says or stands for when it comes to politics. I need to know who is going to administer and carry out these promises, hopes and wishes.

I don’t buy that candidates don’t know yet or they have a few names for each position and don’t want to offend someone by mentioning their name (s).

I guess we all should be like Lemmings jumping off a cliff and assume the cabinet members named once the next president is elected will have a pill for all that ails the country.