Monday, November 10, 2008

President Elect Obama's change strategy ... By What Method?

President Elect Obama exemplified many of the finer qualities of leading change. Below are some of the ones I identified during his campaign:

Leader in Managing Change:
- Have a clear understanding of what is changing
- Know who will be impacted
- Anticipate how staff members will be affected
- Know what staff members have to gain and lose
- Assess where individuals are in their transition process
- Facilitate the transition of staff members
- Lead and Manage your own personal transition
- Communicate changes and resulting benefits to staff, customers, and other key stakeholders
- Lead and Manage the work activity coverage during the transition
- Keep the pressure on to keep people moving forward

Ten Characteristics of an Effective Change Leader:
- Gains support from and confidence of others
- Listens and collaborates effectively
- Takes Accountability and Risk
- Provides constructive feedback to others up & down the chain of command
- Builds relationships with customers, peers and team members it inspires and motivates
- Communicates openly, early and often
- Builds commitment face to face it provides clear direction
- Clarifies roles and responsibilities
- Replicates the model way for your team
- Shows others by example
- Instills Credibility & Trust
- Creates opportunities for small wins
- Recognizes - plans for fun to help boost morale

"Changes that result in improvement come from application of knowledge"
- Dr. Walter A. Shewhart"
Want Change?
"Challenge Conventional Wisdom with Profound Knowledge to Seek Creativity and Innovation"
- qualityg

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