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Ford & GM Co. & UAW - He was not an Executive of any Kind!!!

Now that Ford has joined GM and announced its next buyout plan for workers the UAW locals are again in reaction mode wondering what to do now.

They don't want their workers to take the plans unless the workers can be replaced. Why, because they are afraid of "extinction." This means union leaders will no longer be needed to rise up and yell and scream "after" every decision is made. Also see


No Response to This --> "Ford employee jumps to death in building's atrium"

Ford Motor Co. and Dearborn police did not release information about the man, but they confirmed his death.

Here is the quote that again shows the Union and The Company do not see workers as people only as pawns for their self-serving egos and positions.


qualityg says ... Sara? are you a human being of any kind?

Ford & GM ---> Your Radio & TV Commercials Stink

Ford & GM - Who the hell are your customers, the people making (workforce) the cars or people (everyday folk) who buy your cars? Should it not be both? I hope you will say both, so then why do you cater to only work force employees with your ads and confuse the rest of us with your phony numbers, one for workforce employees and one for the common folk.

Can't you advertise to your employees through internal media communications and just tell us common folk the amount we have to pay with out the small print and fast talking pitch men & women.

You promote super prices for employees but not the non-employee. I was wondering if your Mexican Workers can afford your cars? What discounts do you give them? Now that you both continue to cut employees does this not cut your employees off from discounts too? Seems to me this adds to your loss of market share.

Now I need to be fair, both of you do provide discounts to the common folk, BUT it is only in the summer and we pick from the overstocked cars that don't sell.

Get rid of this advertising, I don't believe Honda or Toyota do this, at least not in their promotional ads.

High School Dropouts - It Ain't Sew Badd?

At a school meeting recently the subject of dropouts came up and one teacher suggested providing incentives to keep the kids in school.

Now that I am studying, researching, testing, observing and assessing “Early Childhood” behavior I am more convinced that teachers, parents, coaches and to some extent peers drive out the intrinsic motivation that each child has when starting school as early as the Pre-K level (not a new discovery by any means, but it helps me understand the end-to-end education system from an application view and not just theory). We are taking from our children the chance to experience “Joy of Learning” (Dr. Deming). These types of suggestions are alarming to me because the education system is following the same pattern as big business. Incentives, rewards, etc... are extrinsic motivators that drive the wrong behavior.

If students come to view learning as a means to get a reward/incentive, they will not longer identify learning as something worth doing for the long-term (whole life). American Management still believes rewards and incentives are the way to motivate employees to do a better job. At best, rewards will get some temporary reaction, but it does not last, nor does it change behaviors for the long term and it does more harm than good. Same thing will happen in education. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!! People are not realizing that fear, incentives (you can have candy if your good or if you eat your vegetables you can have a big piece of cake) negativity, threats, rating students, ranking students are extrinsic in nature and it is these same motivators (negative) used at an early age that drove the inclination to learn out in the first place.

By most accounts (see Detroit Free Press - Failed High Schools) studies have shown there is a 30 – 35% dropout rate at the high school level.

The Alliance for Excellent Education research shows that between 80 –85% of Americans believe the number one priority in our country is high school education.WRONG!!! Here we go again not looking at the systemic nature (end-to-end) of the problem. High School is the output. 95% percent of most problems can be found in the planning, design and the first few input steps of any process. Please start to understand the cost and tampering you are continually doing to this system.By suggesting High School is where we should put the majority of money and effort is like bringing back quality control at the end of the production line.

Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation Report on Dropouts -

Systems Optimization: It’s about interdependencies, we must realize that change cannot occur in one school level without affecting the performance and outcome in all other parts of the primary educational system, the system as a whole, and ultimately all other systems by which the school system operates. More on Systems Thinking at

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Quality Service - "Who Are They?"

When I was a Quality Director for one of the major telecommunications companies one of my main responsibilities was to work with Customer Service Centers on process improvement activities. One of the major problems we continuously faced was service order management. It was at times a very frustrating task.

Investigation into this problem with the service representatives who entered the orders brought forth some interesting information. Every time we had a service order problem (defects, throughput delays, etc.), I was informed by the service reps that “they” had not given us the right information. Every time we had a quality problem, “they” hadn’t gotten us the right methods and procedures or “they” didn’t train us on that situation.

With that information, I knew I could use my root cause analysis skills to get to the bottom of the problem and prevent any further occurrences. The service reps inquired as to how I was going to do this. I responded, “All I need to do is to talk to “they.” The reps responded, “that’s great, but they aren’t here.” “All right,” I said, “Where are they?” And they said, “They reside in the Big House (Headquarters) in Chicago.”

On my next trip to the big house in Chicago I asked the first person I met, “Pardon me. Are you they”? The person looked at me in a strange manner, then grinned and said, “No, but I know where they work. They are on the second floor.” My next step was to walk proudly up to the second floor and the first person I ran into I excitedly asked, “are you they?” “No,” she said. They work on the third floor.”

Well the picture was getting clear because I couldn’t find they on the third floor either. When I talked to people in sales, they were always in engineering. And when I talked to engineering, they were always in operations...

Every group or person has a they, and they are always somewhere else. When I finally had just about given up I was informed that they work in the west building. That’s where the President and VP’s work.

As I approached my VP, I excitedly said, “I didn’t know you were they.” She looked at me as she always did and sternly said “I’m not they, they works there----> as she pointed to the CEO’s office.”

So I walked into the President’s office and asked his secretary if I could talk to they. She responded in the all to familiar manner “He is not they, but he is meeting with them now in the stockholders meeting.”

Wait a minute! There were stockholders at each step of my journey, on each floor as well as each department I visited. In fact, I’m a stockholder.

Warning! Do not attempt to find they. I’ve spent over 20 years. They are everywhere and they are nowhere to be found. Do you have any Theys in your workplace?

The previous story (mostly true) was a take off on a similar incident that happened to a Vice President at Texas Instruments.

The point in the story is that we have resorted to a culture of being “victims.” Someone else is responsible or in charge, not me. Well, that type of thinking will not suffice in today’s workplace. We can all sit back and say I’m a victim, or we can choose to go forward and realize that each person is an owner of our company and together we can make a difference.

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SIPOC Analysis Questions

I have blogged a number of SIPOC posts that has generated a number of hits, questions and requests for original pictures/diagrams that sometimes don't show up well on the blog.

Good SIPOC diagrams just don't happen and many of the "pretty" looking ones don't have enough "meat" to make any sense or define a process well enough for improvements.

In order for a good SIPOC Analysis you need good questions and to be a good interviewer.

This post will provide a SIPOC questionnaire that should provide you with a good model (start) for any type of process. Good Luck and remember to Email me if you need a better diagram. My only request is that you let me know if it helps you and if you can improve it in anyway for others to utilize. CLICK ON PIC TO ENLARGE

For more qualityg posts on SIPOC go to

Educational SIPOC Example at

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What have we learned about Oil Prices & Six Sigma? – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They both still gouge their customers

Gasoline Prices

I can remember in 1972, the year before OPEC began to flex its muscles, prices were $1.28 a gallon.

October 1973 - A total ban on oil exports to the Unites States was imposed by the Arab oil-producing nations after the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli War. The ban was lifted March 16, 1974.

December 31, 1973 - President Nixon announced stand-by gasoline rationing in light of the Arab oil embargo. Gasoline stations had already begun voluntarily closing on Sundays.

Back in the 1973-1974 period and in 1979, folks waited for an hour or more on gasoline lines that at times stretched for miles, and people could only buy gas on alternate days, depending upon whether their license plate ended with an odd or even number. The federal government even printed gas-rationing coupons, although they were never used.

I can still remember all of the so-called efforts and story after story how we need to invent new ways for power so that we don’t have to rely on Foreign Oil. Heck, I even did a research paper on “Wind Power.”

Six Sigma

I remember in the early 1990s the many articles written on the demise of TQM and the reasons for its failure.

Click on Reasons to Read

Reasons for TQM Failures

I could go through my boxes of old ASQ Magazines and find scores of articles about why it’s not a fad and why it’s failing. I even wrote reports on the subject and presented them to my Leaders.

Fast Forward to today and I can’t tell you how many articles are being written on how to fix Six Sigma from failing. Here is one recent example from the latest edition of Quality Digest.

qualitydigest/articles/Six Sigma Failure

What is interesting is this is nothing more than a maturity cycle. Consultants are trying to get their last drop of money from unsuspecting companies while they are also at work devising up the new quality buzz fad that is just around the corner. The most recent scam is to combine "Lean w/Six Sigma" and tell you now can get faster results. This is the same path that Michael Hammer took with "Reengineering" in the early 90s. He made a mint by saying this would get faster and more efficient results when TQM began to fade Quality Consultants needed another iron in the fire to keep their business going. Reengineering was really nothing new, in fact it was so fast it forgot (not really just felt they were not necessary) to include the employees. Leaders get excited when they hear faster and less costly and no problems from the employees.

Check this ad and site out from 7/31/06

Finally! A "Lean" Approach to Deploying Lean Six Sigma

Leap Technologies has pioneered a simpler, faster and more cost effective path to Lean Six Sigma results. By applying "Lean Thinking" to Lean Six Sigma we've elimiinated the “fat” from conventional deployment strategies that drives up costs and increases cycle times to results.

NOTE: The quality emphasis will move from Japan to China, South Korea & India for the remainder of the decade. It will be big, I mean big. The United States? - Status Quo, unless new leadership and management style is implemented in the major industries.

Let me give you a hint; it will be a combination of two types of efforts, and they both have the letter “Z” in their names. Please remember these methods are not new, but they will start creeping into consultants bag of magic tricks (Felix the Cat) by the end of the year. Where is the Professor and Rock Bottom when you need them!

Updated 2/4/07

I told you another Quality Method was on the heels of Six Sigma & Lean...

Additional information can be found at:

updated 9/9/05

The following article was sent to me by Mike P.

This is exactly what I am talking about!

click to read---> Get a Lean Certification

qualityg says... Quality Evolution Gone Mad

updated 7/26/06

Please go to this site look at the ads listed on the top and side. It was just a short time ago (less than a year) these companies did not have Lean or TWIZ in their advertising.

I wrote the following statement about five (5) years a ago.

Please! Please! Do not listen to Quality Consultants/Experts (Charlatans) who pontificate the so called difference between Six Sigma and TQM and all the other quality initiatives (BPI, TQL, Process Management, ISO 9000, MBNQA, Reengineering, TWIZ, Lean, or any combination of those mentioned, etc...). Six Sigma and the others will only add value if you use it as a means to get closer to your customers and your bottom line.

I will not support any improvement methodology that doesn’t take customer expectations and desires into account up front! That means before the "Bottom Line."

This has been the same message since 1980 when the Quality Movement was at its height in the United States. It's that simple!

Other related posts by qg:

qualityg says ... What did I learn? I learned that Oil Executives and Quality Consultants continue to gouge every dollar out their customers.

People just dust off your original training material, implement where it makes sense (design or improve product/service to customer), avoid past mistakes and execute.

Go to this site for 10 excellent reports on Six Sigma Quality

Scott Adams does it again: Click on Pic to Enlarge


There are blogs everywhere spouting the success of Lean Six Sigma. Unfortunatley if you question or provide input the Bloggers who support each others are the only ones to disagree or reply.

It is hard to admit the so-called Training that people have gotten to obtain SS Belts really mean nothing to those outside of their own environment. Using Martial Arts Belts to signify rank and smarts with Six Sigma was the first big mistake. If you want to be creative or come up with something "Really" new then don't use others Marketing Tools. Besides you do a disservice to the Martial Arts community. Who ever heard of getting a black belt in 2-3 weeks (don't argue this point, I have at least 10 sites that advertise this marketing crap).

I have 15 Quality Certfications (since 1980) including Six Sigma (took me much longer than 2-3 weeks), TQM, Baldridge, ISO, SPC, etc... There nice to have on a wall but mean nothing unless you prove and apply the principles. So, stop promoting the Tool/Technique and promote your application.


Six Sigma vs. TQM

A good debate between two Quality Experts (I'm with Mr. Harrington).

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"WACKO WEEK " Week Ending 03/11/2007 - What do a Killer, a Bank, a Governor & a College all have in common? - WACKO!

This is a segment of the blog that captures some of the Miscellaneous outlandish/special statements from the previous week that relates to Quality Leadership. They will be short snippets with a short qualityg comment if warranted.


Week Ending 3/11/07

What do a Killer, a Bank, a Governor and a College all have in common?
A Killer

I ‘m starting to believe the State I live in is WACKO. Most of you know it as Michigan, but many refer to it as North Mississippi. We are becoming a third-world state with little to be desired except our water and the fact we are a breeding ground for Corporate Takeovers that continue to drain our once proud middle class into a class that is somewhere between minimum wage and the poverty line.

We even have the latest WACKO killer in our midst. Stephen Grant who killed and dismembered his wife only to be caught barefoot in Northern Michigan. For more on this story you can go to for the details.

You tell me if this guy doesn’t look WACKO. He’s from the Charles Manson EYES Hall of Fame.

A Bank
Comerica Bank just announced this week they are leaving Detroit for Dallas because Detroit does not have the job talent (Ford Motor Co. just announced Bonuses for their employees because they are need to retain all the excellent talent in Michigan) that will allow them to expand into other markets. Mr. Babb (Chairman of Comerica) your company has only been in Detroit for 158 years, what took you so long to figure that out you WACKO Moneychanger!

What are they going to do with this sign?

I must also mention the talk of all the WACKO Corporate Takeovers (Some call them mergers and acquisitions) in the works for our fair state.I have written many a line about the dangers and demise that are caused by these business transactions. Decisions are based on the good of the stockholder and not the employees or communities that they serve. Welcome to Global Competition. Here are the Takeovers in the works:
- Lear Corporation
- Dow Chemical
- Chrysler Group
- Pfizer

A Governor
Now let’s talk about the WACKO leadership in N. Miss. Our Governor is currently in Europe trying to drum up new business for our state. Noble effort but the majority of Companies and Leaders she is talking to are in the automotive industry. She needs to cater to the manufacturing industry because her proposed tax increase (2% tax on most services). I sure am glad I quit smoking years ago.

When hearing about Comerica leaving she was stunned but optimistic. Huh?

Before leaving for Europe she has been on a road show explaining the benefits of a tax increase (Wonder if the tax has anything to do with Comerica leaving the state). I tried watching the Road Show on TV and I had to turn the channel after 15 minutes. First of all I always get nervous when any Leader says, “What would you do if you were in my shoes or job?” This lame type of defensive positioning is used when someone has no idea what is wrong and covers their own inability to provide answers. It reminds me of the College Instructors who say “What do you think we should do,
or there are no wrong answers in my class.”

A College
One of the reasons the Governor wants to increase taxes is to provide more money to our educational system from K-16. It is also intended to give more money to the states colleges and universities, especially The University of Michigan, Michigan State and Wayne State University because they are research colleges. More money means more children from Michigan getting a higher education and that means better paying jobs in Michigan. That is the WHAT, but what about the HOW? This will take years and our brightest are leaving the state in droves. Many have to go to out state colleges because our colleges would rather get more money from out-state students and international students (It’s about money folks, not allegiance to our state – wake up WACKOs.

In the past two years 4 members of my immediate family have graduated, all four moved to Chicago for better jobs (in their field) and are having a blast living in Chicago, not a suburb. So much Governor for your speeches on retaining our children in Michigan. First they have to be able to be accepted at the University of Michigan and Michigan State.

WACKO! When are you going to have these Institutions of Higher Learning open their books to independent audits to determine what they do with the money they receive each year from the state. Whoops, I forgot to mention that the three research universities mentioned also raised their tuition by 30 – 40 % since 2002. The major reason by each school is they need additional dollars to attract talent (Here we go again with the talent excuse) from around the world and to compete globally. I wonder if parents realize at these research colleges the students are taught mainly by Grad Assistants. Nothing against these folks but if I’m paying the most I want the best teaching my child and I want them to be able to speak English.

Week Ending 1/13/07
Remember the old Emerson Lake and Palmer song about the Circus:
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
Come inside, the show's about to start
Guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you'll get your money's worth
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth.
This was the atmosphere created by the Detroit Newspapers this week about the Friday Night Fights at "The Palace of Auburn Hills (Home of the Detroit Pistons)"

"Bringing Back Great Boxing to Detroit" was touted by the promoters.

My son and I attended both being ex-boxers and fight fans. There were 7 bouts featuring two championship fights (champions of what I don't know, too many organizations and weight classes).

The night was a farce, I paid top dollar for ringside seats and we could not get a list of the bouts (fight cards). Folding chairs with no floor elevation made it difficult for us smaller viewers.

One fight featuring Ronald Hearns undefeated son of Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns.

Hearns enters the ring with a posse jumping up and down raising hands to the air and bright flashing lights and loud music (?).

His opponent standing in the ring with a cut off sweatshirt seemed to care less. It was soon eveident why. He had bad losing record (37 losses) and he was 44 Years old.

Following is one paper's description:
Seven-time world champion Thomas Hearns was furious following his son's first-round victory over Daniel Neal of Columbus, Ohio. Not at Ronald, who put Neal down with a light right hand that most people at ringside missed, but at Neal for making such a mockery of the middleweight bout. If the punch landed, it merely grazed the head of Neal, who fell to the canvas in almost a delayed fashion at 38 seconds of the round. State boxing commissioner Al Low was so disturbed with the outcome, he instructed the fight promoter to withhold Neal's purse. "I feel disgusted," said Ronald Hearns of the win. "I hit him with nothing. I didn't feel the punch in my hand." The senior Hearns was at ringside. "For someone to just lay down -- forget it. ...

To watch Hearns and his handler and of course the posse after the fight was a disgrace. It was your Manager and the Promoter of the fight that signed this clown.

The following fight was a very good battle between two good fighters. It went 12 rounds with the fighter from Detroit (some kind of meatball champion) losing two points for continuous low blows. The champion was clearly out boxed and out hustled the whole fight. To write about the disgrace of the judging is nothing new to this once great sport. It was my main excitement for the night, if I could have gotten to a judge I'm sure I would have missed the rest of the circus (bouts).

Here is an article describing this fight:

The last act (I mean) fight of the night featured two women (I think) Detroit's Mary Jo Sanders and someone named Gina from Texas.

Sanders after winning the fight on a TKO in the third round said

"I was never intimated by Nicholas' broad shoulders and big arms, she said.
"No, you just have to say she's a woman, the same weight as me.
"She was huge, but you can't let the intimidation factor get to you."
It was not the fight that caused only what I can describe as some of the crudest behavior I have ever heard at any sporting event
"Beat his Ass"

There were many more remarks that I will not mention. Boxing is a cruel sport when it is at its best. What I witnessed was a Circus (apologies to all circus') without a program that told you what was next. Boxing used to be a sport (still is at amateur ranks), now it is second rate entertainment that belongs on the "E" channel on television.

So until next week... more from EL and P

"We would like it to be known the exhibits that were shown
were exclusively our own,
All our own. All our own.
Come and see the show! Come and see the show!
Come and see the show!
See the show!
Week Ending 1/06/07

And the Band Played On ... and the CEOs keep on dancing with happy feet as they slide out the door with the cash!

Executive Buyouts and Corporate Takeovers (SBC again - are starting out the New Year just as they ended in 2006 and 2005 and 2004 … Not much changes except the buyout packages for CEOs being released are getting more outrageous and asinine.

Two Examples of the "Demise American Management" and Board of Buffoons (Directors) gone mad,

Home Depot
The Buffoon Board of Directors of The Home Depot and Bob Nardelli announced today that they have mutually agreed that Nardelli would leave his position as The Home Depot's chairman, president & CEO and as a Director effective January 2, 2007. Frank Blake, the Company's current vice chairman of the Board of Directors and executive vice president succeeds Nardelli, effective immediately. Nardelli gets $ 210 million dollars for his troubles.
But his removal is unlikely to fix Home Depot's fundamental problems. Nardelli was hampered by his lack of retail experience; his replacement, Frank Blake, shares the same weakness. Like Nardelli, Blake is an alumnus of General Electric.

When will corporate America wake up! It’s the people, the employees the system that creates winning companies, not CEOs and their Vice Presidents.

GE is the perfect example of Short-Time Thinking that produced good short-term results that catapulted Jack Welch and Nardelli and Blake and others into the limelight with their spiel on Six Sigma. And now Home Depot makes the same mistake again. The fallout from Nuetron Jack continues and Lowes must be jumping for joy!

Here is another fine example of American Management and another Buffoon Board of Directors who have no sense of business operations and the big picture.

Department-store operator J.C. Penney Co. said Thursday it fired its chief operating officer but gave no reason for the move. Catherine West, 47, who also held the title of executive vice president, had been COO since July. She had no retail experience before joining Penney

They will pay here about $10 million in severance even though she worked at the company for only a few months.

Sounding off on executive compensation
- In his annual letter (2006) to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders (qualityg is one), released Saturday, billionaire investor Warren Buffett said corporations should pay their CEOs relative to performance but added that CEOs today can receive a bigger payout for being fired than "an American worker earns in a lifetime of cleaning toilets."

qualityg says ... It's time to stop the finger pointing as to why the pay structure has got out of whack, I don't need to be reminded of the figures I used to teach (10 years ago) like in Japan their typical executive earns 11 times the average employee salary and in 1960 the typical Amrican executive earned 40 times the salary of an average employee and now it is in some cases 500 times the salary of the average worker. See the words in red? You are average Schmuck! And as long as you continue to feel that way The CEOs (who by the way say/think you are average and they are better than you) will continue to get this kind of ridiculous money for a less than average job performance.
More CEO nonsense at

Will these so-called Quality Leaders “Please Shut-Up"

Mayor Ray Nagen of New Orleans – I want a Chocolate City.
qualityg says… go see the Willy Wonka movie
Ø Reverend Pat Robertson – Hurricane Katrina sign from God.

qualityg says… go see a shrink in a confessional.
Ø Senator Hillary Clinton – GOP-Led House of Reps = A Plantation.

qualityg says … didn’t Arkansans (While hubby was governor) celebrate a combination holiday of Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee? Yup!
Ø osama bin laden – truce?

qualityg says… go take take a bath ass-hole

Meager Earnings drive the Dow DOWN, DOWN DOWN

- Lackluster Earnings – General Electric (GE)

- Poor Earnings – Citigroup
- Disappointing Earnings – Motorola

qualityg says … These are Three Industry Leaders of Six Sigma's "Success to Financial Happiness"

Desk Jobs = Fat – A recent study (another one) results indicate that those who sit behind a desk for six or more hours a day are more likely to be fat. Especially true for men. And, 30 minutes of exercise a day will not be adequate enough for maintaining an acceptable weight.

qualityg says … Does this correlate to school children who sit behind a desk all day? Hmmm, 30 minutes for gym (none in most high schools).

I look forward to watching “The Office” on Thursday night. Great cast of characters who look like and act like your typical office workers in many circumstances. Many are taking on Seinfeld type charisma (Michael, Dwight, Jim & Pam). qualityg says… Please don’t Hollywood your cast. If this show can last it will make cult status like the movie “Office Space.”

Week Ending 1/28/06
Will these so-called Quality Leaders ("Please Shut-Up")
Great Britain's Prince Charles ("Please Shut-Up") in response to a British medical report warning his country people if they do not get more exercise they will end up becoming obese like "our American cousins." qualityg says ... I think you already are:

    Comments follow the publication of the Commons health committee report on obesity. Doctors, patient groups and politicians said the time had now come to act. One in five British women and one in four men are obese.
    "The time has come to stop talking and start acting. Both personal and governmental responsibility must be acknowledged and the importance of both dietary restraint
    and increased activity accepted."

    Governor Granholm of Michigan (aka - North Mississippi) - On a radio show this week (WJR 760) spouting (Please Shut-UP) that GM and Ford have to look to Chrysler as a model of success on how to turn their companies around and be profitable.

      qualityg says ...
      I think it is now called Daimler Chrysler and the company management team is mostly headed by Germans. I have always said it is not the American Worker at fault, but American Management system that continues its arrogant and obselete management style! P/S - Is the State or Federal government going to bail out GM and Ford like they did Chrysler?

      Speaking of Ford - Mike Thompson an excellent cartoon artist from the Detroit Free
      Press had the following quote from Henry Ford I in a sketch this past week.

      SEC studies executive pay rules:
      Companies would have to disclose far more details about their executives' pay packages and perks under a proposal coming before the
      Securities and Exchange Commission.
      Details of the SEC proposal to disclose far more details about executives' pay packages are still being worked out. But they include: Reducing from $50,000 to $10,000 the level at which executive perks must be detailed if they add up to the latter amount or more. Requiring new disclosure tables for executives' retirement benefits and the compensation of company directors. Requiring companies to explain the objectives behind their executives' compensation.

      qualityg says ... Does this mean the two most recognizable Six Sigma Corporate ex-CEO's ( who says Six Sigma won't reap huge benefits) would have had to report(from the Wall Street Journal
      The arrangement will require Mr. Welch to work up to 30 days a year until he dies, advising management or participating in various corporate activities and events. In return, the agreement says, GE will give him lifelong access "to company facilities and services comparable to those provided to him prior to his retirement, including access to company aircraft, cars, office, apartments and financial-planning services."

      At AlliedSignal, the CEO, Mr. Bossidy, a former GE executive, won nearly identical postretirement perks six months after his ex-colleague did. "Sheer coincidence," maintains
      Tom Crane, a spokesman for the Morris Township, N.J., industrial conglomerate.After Mr. Bossidy retires at age 65 next April, he "is entitled to receive during his lifetime company facilities and services comparable to those provided prior to his retirement," AlliedSignal's latest proxy statement says. That includes a
      car, an office, financial planning and "limited use of a plane," Mr. Crane says.

      For the rest of us it's... Bye-Bye, Pension!
      A must read by Daniel Gross -


      The Lion, Mike P. and Dre Bly:

      Week Ending 2/04/06
      Will these so-called Quality Leaders ("Please Shut-Up")
      The Senate Judiciary Committee for Judge Alito Confirmation
      "Please Shut-Up."
      What a sad display of egos from both party lines. What should have been a showing in democracy at its finest, ended up being a disgrace.

      Mr. Harry Belefonte
      (Banana Boat Song Man) - I lost all respect for this guy in 2002 when he took a cheap shot at then Secretary of Defense Colin Powell. He continues to take cheap shots about the United States (gestapo state) and hides behind a veil of a self appointed authority on nothing. Daylight come and we wan' you to
      "Please Shut-Up."

      Ayman al-Zawahri - hAyman "Please Shut-Up" - Nice picture, what the hell is that in the middle of your forehead? What a Punk!

      AT&T Sued Over NSA Eavesdropping

      J-Man sent me this link,70126-0.


      One of AT&T's databases, known as "Hawkeye," contains 312 terabytes of data detailing nearly every telephone communication on AT&T's domestic network since 2001, according to the complaint. The suit also alleges that AT&T allowed the NSA to use the company's powerful
      Daytona database-management software to quickly search this and other
      communication databases.

      So, did SBC know about this "Hawkeye" database before they bought at&t?

      I think they named it after the old Canadian TV series from the 1950s:
      Hawkeye (John Hart) and Chingachgook (Lon Chaney Jr)
      the Last of the Mohicans.

      Googles Profits Soar but Wall Steet says SORRY! Chingachgook
      Google Inc.'s fourth-quarter 2005 profit nearly doubled but fell well below the high expectations of Wall Street

      qualityg says ... read my blog about Wall Street @
      Super Bowl XL Tomorrow in Detroit

      The Super Bowl Game is tomorrow but the concerts, parties and festivities have been going on all week.
      The city of Detroit has done a great job in hosting a first rate world class event. For more pics and stories go to :

      Kid Rock promised history would be made during his concert Friday night at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, and he delivered by bringing Bob Seger out on stage, joining him on a duet of Seger's 1976 classic "Rock and Roll Never Forgets."

      "Ladies and gentlemen, the king of Detroit rock city, Bob Seger," Rock said as Seger strutted on to stage at just past 11:30 p.m. during the concert's second encore.

      The fans have been filing in from Pittsburgh and Seattle. Detroit fans are mostly pulling for Pittsburgh because of our own home town Steeler - Jerome the "Bus" Bettis.

      Below is a picture of my nephew Joe and friends being paid to be soccer players at the ESPN party. More pics from the Detroit Free Press (Saturday Night) at


      MEN OF STEEL! See Super Bowl XL photo galleries from the Detroit
      Free Press @

      WEEK ENDING 2/11/06

      Delphi & Visteon execs- Have your brains gone down the " DRAIN"?

      Judge Robert Drain
      A U.S. bankruptcy judge granted bankrupt auto parts maker Delphi Corp.’s annual incentive bonus plan on Friday 2/10/06.

      This basically means Delphi Corp. can pay its top management team as much as $38 million in bonuses to keep them from leaving at the same time the auto supplier wants to cut the jobs of 24,000 hourly workers and pay remaining workers less than half their wages.
      His decision comes one week before a deadline for unions to negotiate cost
      cuts with the company. If no deal is reached, Delphi may ask the court on February 17 to throw out its union contracts.

      Delphi attorney Jack Butler "We are concerned about the decision's effect on the rank-and-file," Butler said after the hearing. "Anyone who does this for a living and says they don't care how it affects people's lives is lying.
      But we have to move this company forward."

      qualityg says … To the two legal geniuses Drain and Butler – “Please Shut-Up” Hey Butler, who are the “WE” you are talking about? Move the company forward? Ok, move forward one step with executives, but you are also going back many many more steps with the company as a whole. Oh, “Please Shut-Up.”

      I have written before on the "Ignorance" and “Foolishness” of Delphi @
      Delphi Fools -
      See # 18

      Visteon execs say “HELL YES ” we want raises too!
      Visteon is granting raises to their executive team too,
      because Ford Motor provided them relief (yes the same company in deep do-do) this past year that looks like short-term gains (still losses compared to last year).

      For the year, Visteon narrowed its losses to $270 million, or $2.14 a share, compared to a loss of $1.5 billion, or $12.26 a share in 2004. This marks the fifth straight year of Visteon losses.
      Visteon's directors agreed to increase bonuses to executives that range between 50% and 130% of their base salary. In addition they approved larger long-term incentive awards that range 120% to 475% of their base salaries. All this is happening at the same time the company is suspending/cancelling workers supplemental pension allowances for those pushed out for early retirement.

      What about the Union? Well, President Ron Gettelfinger has been stated that “The Union is very consistent saying executive compensation across the board has gotten way out of line in comparison to what employees make."

      qualityg says … what more can I say than what has already been stated. I keep shaking my head as I write these words.

      Whoops – Gettelinger and your union executive team “Please Shut-Up” until you have something to add to the conversation that truly supports your rank and file.

      Week Ending 2/18/06

      I wrote some long posts last Saturday and I forgot to add one that really says "Please Shut-Up."

      Former President Jimmy Carter made a reference to the current fight over secret government surveillance against potential terrorists, noting that both Kings had been the target of secret wiretaps -- echoing Bush's domestic spying program.
      Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin injected politics into her remarks, describing how Coretta Scott King spoke out against "the senselessness of war" with a voice that was heard "from the tintop roofs of Soweto to the bomb shelters of Baghdad."

      The Rev. Joseph Lowery took shots at the current administration's foreign and domestic policies. Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr., said "We know now there
      were no weapons of mass destruction over there. But Coretta knew and we knew that there were weapons of misdirection right down here. Millions without health insurance, poverty abound, for war billions more, but no more for the poor.

      I actually had to change the channel because I became so frustrated. I still get mad thinking about the way a few bone heads used the
      podium for political agenda reasons. If this does not send a message to American voters I don't know what will.

      Week Ending 2/25/06

      Will these so-called Quality olympic athletes "Please Shut-up"

      Bode Miller - I don't need to do test runs on ski slopes

      Chad Hedrick - I'm gonna win 5 gold medals

      Lindsey Jacobellis - So I showboated and lost, big deal

      I have tried to watch the winter olympics from Italy. Perhaps I'm getting old but
      I just don't see snow boarding as an olympic event. Please stay at X-Games and not the olympics.

      Thanks to
      the CBC in Canada EH (channel 9 in Detroit). Excellent coverage, less commercials, and more olympic events and athletes from other countries than NBC. Eh!

      Will theses so-called Quality politicians "Please Shut-up"
      Barbara Rose Collins - Detroit City Councilwoman

      L. Brooks Patterson - Oakland Count Commissioner
      Read story at article

      Job Posting:

      How would you like to have a job that pays $153,103
      dollars a year, plus a great pension and health benefits that won't get discontinued.
      Many holidays and days off during the year and you get an annual cost of living allowance each year.

      Your salary always goes up and it does not matter
      what your job performance has been. If your company is in debt (no matter how much) you will not lose your job. Best of all you have to take a vote to turn down an annual raise because it is automatic.

      Apply at this site: Best Job
      WEEK ENDING 3/4/06

      Will these Quality Leaders "Please Keep on Talking"
      Sounding off on executive compensation - In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders (qualityg is one), released Saturday, billionaire investor Warren Buffett said corporations should pay their CEOs relative to performance but added that CEOs today can receive a bigger payout for being fired than "an American worker earns in a lifetime of cleaning toilets."

      Mr. B -
      "Please Keep on Talking"

      The Kennedy/Autism Controversy -“I devoted time to study this issue because
      I believe that this is a moral crisis that must be addressed. If, as the evidence suggests, our public-health authorities knowingly allowed the pharmaceutical industry to poison an entire generation of American children, their actions
      arguably constitute one of the biggest scandals in the annals of American
      medicine.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

      Mr. RFK Jr -
      "Please Keep on Talking"

      Week Ending 3/11/06


      Before Controversy:

      Bennish says ...

      "My job as a teacher is to challenge students to think critically about issues that are affecting our world and our society."

      "I'm not saying Bush and Hitler are exactly the same, obviously they're not. OK? But there are some eerie similarities to the tones that they use," says Bennish in his critique of U.S. economic and foreign policy.

      After Controversy:
      Student says ... "I think he's a good geography teacher, if he would just teach geography, if he wouldn't teach personal politics,"

      qualityg says: While I congratulate Bennishs’ efforts to “get students to think,” I believe the high school level is not a forum for spouting one’s political view on a captive audience. This goes well beyond academic freedom, which assumes that an instructor is a subject matter expert sharing his
      knowledge on a particular subject.

      I have been in classes like this before where the instructor starts off by stating he/she has no particular opinion on a subject but yet want an un-biased debate. Well, many of them use the forum for their own agendas and views by brow beating students who don't agree by displaying their own views through "absolute power." It's bad if done at the college level,
      but much worse if done at the high school level for obvious reasons.

      School Board says ...Colorado Teacher in
      Bush-Hitler Flap Reinstated.
      Bennish says ...
      Bennish said the lecture was intended to stimulate his students to think
      critically. He also said he always presents balancing viewpoints in class,
      but not always at the same time, that was a mistake.

      qualityg says ... I like what the student said best "I think he's a good geography teacher, if he would just teach geography, if he wouldn't teach personal politics." In qualityg words that means "Please Shut-Up."
      Week Ending 3/18/06

      Queen of Cobalt

      Lori Queen, a GM executive for small cars, couldn't take it anymore. In an e-mail exchange with Automotive News, she wrote that the editors and reporters who put together the Consumer Reports auto issue are "the most unprofessional group of people I have ever worked with.”

      She added: "They are totally non objective and go to great extremes to paint a picture for their paid subscription readers, who primarily buy Japanese cars.”

      Queen may have been upset with the mag's brutal assessment of the Chevrolet Cobalt, which was developed under her watch.

      In any case, the fallout was immediate.
      GM CEO Rick Wagoner personally called David Champion, Consumer Reports' head of
      auto testing; to apologize and assure him the comments didn't reflect GM's opinion.

      I bet Mr. Wagoner told Ms. Queen to

      “Please Shut-Up.”

      Motorcycle Group Outnumbers Church Protestors at Soldier's Funeral

      300 Michigan members of the Patriot Guard Riders headed to Grand Ledge, near Lansing Michigan Monday morning. The group of motorcycle riders showed its support at a soldier's funeral where a Kansas church group (wbc Assholes) had come to protest.

      From the wbc Web Site:
      westboro baptist church (SOBs) engages in daily peaceful sidewalk demonstrations opposing the homosexual lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying filth. We display large, colorful signs containing Bible words and sentiments, including: "Thank God for dead soldiers." "This is God’s wrath. This was God’s doing." "It’s a sin to mourn for these people. They’re fighting for an evil nation."

      From the Patriot Guard Riders Web Site:

      The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We haveone thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security. If you share this respect, please join us. We don’t care what you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a "hawk" or a "dove". It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn't matter where you’re from or what your income is. You don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect. Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives.1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.2. Shield the mourning family and friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors. We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.

      qualityg says ... I sure do respect the First Amendment. WBC - Shut-Up! You are some sorry ass punks. Protesting at the funeral of
      a fallen veteran is low, lower than pond scum.

      Week Ending 4/2/06

      Department of Justice - Are they "JUST" to the People or just to Shareholders

      Whenever I hear or read about another merger or acquisition approved by the Department of Justice I always try to make sanity out of their reasons for approval. The statement always spouts off about the consumer and customer (qualityg loves them). But where are the statements on how the M/A will affect citizens and communities? After all I never read where more employees will be hired after the M/A.

      It’s always about competition and shareholder equity!

      Three Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
      1) Alcatel Shares Jump 5.5 Percent After Announcement of $13.4 Billion Deal With Lucent. Company leaders said Sunday they plan to shed 10 percent of the combined work force -- about 8,800 jobs -- after the deal closes. No details were given about where the job cuts would be,
      but Lucent CEO Patricia Russo, who will head the combined company from Paris, pledged to "take a fair and balanced approach."

      2) The Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division issued the following statement today after the Department announced the closing of its investigation of the proposed acquisition by Whirlpool Corporation (Whirlpool) of Maytag Corporation (Maytag). Thousands of jobs to be lost.

      “After thoroughly investigating Whirlpool’s proposed acquisition of Maytag, the Division determined that the proposed transaction is not likely to reduce competition substantially. The combination of strong rival suppliers with the ability to expand sales significantly and large cost savings and other
      efficiencies that Whirlpool appears likely to achieve indicates that this transaction is not likely to harm consumer welfare.

      3) SBC Communications Inc. (NYSE: SBC) and AT&T (NYSE: T) today announced that
      the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has cleared the merger of the two companies after an exhaustive review of the merger's potential impact on the
      market, requiring that the combined company permit competitors access to
      facilities in certain specified commercial buildings across the SBC 13-state
      region. Tens of thousands of jobs have been eliminated.

      qualityg says
      … I often wonder if the Department of Justice (DOJ) is very “Just” in their decisions when it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions.

      div align="left">
      The DOJ says The Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice says sound antitrust enforcement is vital to America's economic health. American consumers benefit from the kind of free-market economy that antitrust enforcement engenders. Protecting against anticompetitive actions, including anticompetitive mergers,
      helps consumers obtain more innovative, high-quality goods and services at lower prices, and enhances the worldwide competitiveness of American businesses by promoting healthy rivalry, encouraging efficiency, and ensuring a full measure of opportunity for all competitors.

      Our focus as antitrust enforcers in reviewing mergers is always on whether a particular merger will hurt consumers by raising prices, reducing quality or limiting innovation. While most mergers either are competitively neutral or beneficial for competition and consumers, there can be no doubt that there are
      some anticompetitive mergers proposed that would endanger choice, innovation and
      low prices, and these mergers should and must be prevented.

      qualityg says … your focus also needs to include the “PEOPLE” and the “COMMUNITIES” affected by the M/A.

      People who lose their jobs at places like Lucent, Maytag and AT&T (prior to them Ameritech, prior to Ameritech--> PacBell) no longer pay taxes; they draw unemployment (whoops I forgot those dollars get taxed too).

      I’m not going to go into the rising crime rates and suffering that it causes families. I’m just going to say:

      Department of Justice – "Please Shut-Up" until you look at the end-to-end system when it comes to your reasons for granting M/As, include dollars lost to families, educations, communities, unemployment, welfare, crime, etc... These costs are unknowlable
      which = Disaster in both short and long term health of our nation.
      Week Ending 4/8/06

      U.S. Rep. McKinney Accused Of Hitting Officer

      Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., has been accused of hitting a Capitol Hill police officer.

      Sources told WSB-TV in Atlanta that McKinney was involved in a disagreement with
      the officer at a security checkpoint at the Capitol.

      One of the sources, a member of the House Republican Conference, confirmed that McKinney struck the officer.

      She had previously insisted she had done nothing wrong, and accused police of "racial profiling." She is African-American and the police officer is white.

      Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who on Tuesday abandoned his re-election
      bid under a cloud of ethics charges, weighed in on Wednesday, saying McKinney
      "is a racist.

      (See more on this Fool at qualityg's -->
      (FOOLS DeLay).

      "She has a long history of racism,” Delay, R-Texas, said on Fox News Channel. "Everything is racism with her. This is incredible arrogance that
      sometimes hits these members of Congress, but especially Cynthia McKinney."

      Last week she appeared at Howard University alongside Harry Belafonte (see week ending 2/4/06 above) and Harry Belafonte Jr (aka – Danny Glover). Glover said,
      “She alone has stood up for issues that are important to this country and
      important to the world. We're not here to judge the merits of the case; we're
      here to support our sister.”

      qualityg says … this isn’t racism; this is a bunch of idiots (McKinney, Delay, Harry and Harry Jr) spouting their stupidity. Will you all “Please Shut-Up.”

      p/s –

      Hey Danny, "Deets" would not stick up for this type crappola!

      Week Ending 4/15/06

      Detroiters worried by 22% rise in homicides. Other cities across nation show drops
      As of Tuesday (4/11/06), the number of homicides recorded in Detroit this year was 106, a 22% increase over the 87 reported by police during the same time last year. Nonfatal shootings are up as well, with 337 compared with 280 last year.

      Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings said Thursday the numbers are "a huge red flag for me." She said a reduction in the number of police may have had an impact. She also said high unemployment, illiteracy rates and the prevalence of guns play roles.

      "I'm not saying innocent people are not killed," Bully-Cummings said, "but it is not that frequent."

      qualityg says ... I guess when innoncent children are killed
      (more frequent than she says)
      are just a statistic.

      Here are afew past comments from the chief (Source: Detroit Free Press Archives):

      One month after ordering officers to work 12-hour shifts, Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings is telling supervisors to reduce officers' overtime until the new fiscal year begins July 1.. Some officers said the change is dangerous because the department depends on officers
      to work extended shifts to avoid staffing shortages. But the chief said the change will eliminate wasteful spending and not endanger the public or officers.
      The message from the police chief was simple.. "We know who you are, we know where you are, we are coming to get you." .. Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings was talking about those responsible for the alarming string of killings and shootings recently in Detroit.. "We are going to
      do everything we can to stop the recent spike," Bully-Cummings said Sunday.
      Part of the effort is a crackdown Bully-Cummings called Project Crusaders.

      Bully-Cummings, 46, says her first task is to "regain the public's trust in the police department." Without that trust, she says, she can't be successful. "

      qualityg says ... "Please Shut-Up"

      Week Ending 4/22/06

      Down goes Ford, Up goes GM, Down goes GM, Up goes Ford, Down goes GM & Ford,
      Up goes GM & Ford

      Wall Street Roller Coaster

      Just about everyday you can read, hear or see headlines referring to Ford or GM going up or down by some TV Business station, Wall Street Article or an article by some so-called newspaper business writers.

      I suppose if you would try explaining to your viewers, listeners and readers about common and special cause variation it would all start to make sense as to why their stock and sales goes up and down in a mostly random type situation. I’ve written about this before
      Wall Street Says GM

      What we need is a Wacko Charismatic Statistician to entertain the public public so the business stations and writers won’t scam them as to what is really going on with facts and figures when it comes to stocks and wall street cost predictions.

      Week Ending 4/29/06

      Political Lackeys Please Go Away!
      An attending male servant; a footman; a servile follower who does menial tasks or runs errands for another and seeks accommodations with the current economic or social system, or to any leader suspect of doing so.

      In Michigan the Lackeys are all ready out and sputing venom for the Governor's Race.

      qualityg simply says "Please Shut-Up"

      Week Ending 5/6/06

      Johnny Damon was greeted with a boos, mixture of fake money and real bills on the warning track in center when he took the field in his return to Fenway Park on Monday night as a member of the New York Yankees.

      "Evidently, wearing a Yankee uniform overrides winning a World Series and busting your tail for four years." New York Manager Joe Torre on Yankees centerfielder Johnny Damon.
      qualityg says … I bet William Howe (British General) had a similair reaction about Benedict Arnold.

      After all, isn’t it more important to be a Yankee Tory (Torre?) during the Revolutionary War than wining the War? New York was under British Rule for most of the War and their American followers were known as Tories/Loyalists.
      I know it’s a stretch, but what the heck it’s the Yankees.

      Dad DeVos - Bonehead in Grand 
      a good example why candidates for high-profile government offices -- like, say, governor of the state of Michigan -- shouldn't let their outspoken relatives go out and make speeches:

      Two weeks ago, Amway Corp. cofounder Richard DeVos, father of Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, addressed the Economic Club of Grand Rapids and commented about the Kalamazoo Promise, a college tuition guarantee for Kalamazoo high school graduates.

      According to the April 18 Grand Rapids Press, he said: "If it's free, it's not worth much" to the student who receives it. Go to Link for more…

      Dad De Vos

      qualityg wrote about this educational free gift education-kalamazoo

      Week Ending 5/13/06
      About the only thing advancing faster than wireless phone innovation is the rudeness of the people using cell phones.

      I Can Not Tolerate Rude Cell Phone Behavior in/at:

      Planes (see post Planes and Cell Phones)

      Restaurants (see post Benihana No Cell Phones Please)

      You can now add the following from this weekend (5/12/- 5/14):

      Sporting Events (behind home plate and ringside at a championship fight) – You are LOSERS!

      Woman driving in cars from 3:00 – 5:30 PM (driving like lunatics getting their kids to three different practices or school events at the same time)
      Will you all Please Shut-Up!
      Week Ending 5/20/06

      DA Mike Difong says, “Duke rape case not going away”qg says … Please Shut-Up

      Mike Nifong has never seen a need to apologize for how he’s investigating rape allegations against members of Duke University’s lacrosse team. Now that voters have backed his bid to remain district attorney, he sees no reason to start.
      A court motion read...
      "He [Nifong] created a conflict between his professional duties and the search for truth, and his personal vested interest in getting elected," the motion says.

      "In his zeal to make national headlines and win a hotly contested primary, the DA Nifong intentionally ignored other evidence which was inconsistent with rape at the expense of [Seligmann] and all other Duke lacrosse players," the motion continues. "All this evidence shows that DA Nifong's rape case was a post-hoc shakedown."

      JUSTICE should be served but Not at the hands of a self-interest NiWeasel.

      WEEK ENDING 5/27/06
      FBI CIRCUS AT FARM PUTS ON BIG SHOW: Barn shredded in Hoffa search
      Lyrics (few changed) from Emerson Lake & Palmers ...
      "Welcome To The Show"
      Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
      We're so glad you could attend
      There below the barn is Jimmy Hoffa’s ass so
      be careful as you pass.
      Move along! Move along!
      Come inside, the show's about to start
      guaranteed to blow your head apart
      Rest assured you'll get your money's worth
      The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth.
      You've got to see the show, it's a dynamo.
      You've got to see the show, it's the FBI on a roll ....
      Right before your eyes we pull Jimmy from the dirt
      And he laughs until he cries then he dies then he die
      Come inside the shows about to start
      Guaranteed to blow your head apart

      Where's Hoffa? Who cares?
      Jimmy crack corn — I don't care,
      Jimmy crack corn — I don't care,
      Jimmy crack corn — I don't care,
      Old Boss Man Has Gone Away...

      qualityg says ... The FBI has no clue, sure the guy in jail may have been telling the truth and passed a lie detector test. Did you ever think the body was moved after he went to jail and he now has no idea where it is now?

      I live about an hour away from the location where they are digging, nice town, nice people and their horses eat a lot of "stuff."

      The local media (TV, Papers, Radio) are having a field day with this story - what a joke!

      How much is this costing the tax payer (estimates = $250,000)? Should we not be using the 50 agents to protect the citizens from terrorists?

      Why doesn't the FBI worry about the border of Canada? Sure we have border patrol at the bridge and tunnel, but what about the rest of the Detroit River? Pretty narrow, and this goes on for miles going Downriver (South) to Lake Erie.

      Wow - let the man rest in whatever and give his family some rest from all this foolishness.

      Will you all Please Shut-Up!

      WEEK ENDING 6/3/06

      House Democratic Leader Nanacy Pelosi - Huh!

      What is it with House Leaders? Over in my "Quality Fools" postings I wrote about GOPs

      Representative Pelosi does not qualify as a Quality Fool but she is headed in that direction and if she doesn't start representing her party instead of herself then she will be one by November's Election when she hopes to become "Speaker of the House." If memory serves me right from my Civic classes that would put her third in line for the Presidency of the United States.

      Now it seems the Dems House Minority Leader is set on trashing President Bush instead of laying out a plan of solutions to our nations problems. Here is an example from an interview I watched last March 2006 on PBS.

      quality says ... I'm tired of this high school type bickering and whining between politicians and political parties. Dems and Gops will you all "Please Shut-Up" until you have something important to say.
      WEEK ENDING 6/10/06

      "WACKO" Women TV Hosts/Commentators

      Is it just me, or do you too get irritated by many of the so-called "night" talk hosts/commentators that pop up on the cable channels at night.
      As I channel surf I see heavy make-up faces and hear weird raspy/GURGGLING voices that sounds like a WHINO TAKING A SHIT IN A BACK ALLEY. And, they are always yelling and interupting each other and their guests. Sometimes I try to listen but I eventually move quickly pass the CNN (especially nancy grace), Court TV, CNBC, MSNBC, etc...

      The Queen of Irritation goes to Ann Coulter - what a piece of work. Criticizing 9/11 Widows makes you lower than pond scum sweety.

      She is an ultra-conservative lawyer and often is regarded as having brains and a backbone (balls) to send ultra-liberal weenies running for their Mommas.
      Will all you gals "Please Shut-Up"
      He said what?
      "No shareholder should need a machete and a pitch helmet to find out how much the CEO makes."

      Christopher Cox (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman), speaking in favor of a proposal to make financial statements easier to understand. HUH?

      Geez, how about the CEO's employees? If you want easier financial statements turn them into customer wants, needs and satisfaction. Financial statements are useless short-term out of control fly paper.

      I’m tired of financial bean counters/MBA pontificators who want to drain organizations of innovation, creativity and passion. Condense it all to the bottom line, in the box, or better yet, “paint by the numbers and don’t go outside the lines.” Boundaries cause employees to stop working, and worse yet, worry about what each other is doing as opposed to concentrating on what matters most to the customer!

      CC - join AC and "Please Shut-Up"

      WEEK ENDING 6/17/07

      To Grocery Store Cashiers & Baggers of AmericaAm I the only one who feels trapped when they get in line at the grocery store? It drives me crazy when the cashiers and the bagging people are talking among themselves and complain (bitch) about their hours, boss, co-workers, pay, management, who is working and who is not and did you know what so and so did.
      Other than saying hi and thank you that is the extent of the conversation with the customer. Most of the customers I’m in line with just want to move quickly and get home. They have had a hard day at work and the last thing they want to hear is complaining by people who are paid to do their job and interact in a customer-facing job.

      The worst is when you have a dead end job or no job at all and they complain about their jobs.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I believe it the “American Workers” right to complain about work and the boss, just not in front of customers. C’mon cashiers and baggers how stupid can you be and don’t ask me my opinion, you won’t like it.

      I wish I could say this is an occasional occurrence or it is done only in the store where I shop. My experiences and data say otherwise.

      I know it can be a rough job with insensitive customers, but you must realize that you represent your company and the perception you give off is realty to us and would you want to shop where all the workers do is complain.

      So, will you cashiers and baggers “Please Shut-Up” until you go on break.

      Cashier Rules to Customers (written by a cashier worker):
      1. Yes, I am open. I am always open. In fact, I never leave. Don't ask if I am open!
      2. Yes, you see me here again. I work here. Everyday.
      3. This is an express lane. What part of "15" do you not understand?
      4. No, I do not want your change. I received plenty from the customer in front of you.
      5. Please try looking for the item yourself before you come up and ask me. And no, it is not my job
      to know where every single item in the store is located.
      6. Do not assume I belong in the department you are currently in, and then get mad when I can not find the item for which you are looking.
      7. Just because an item is anywhere near a sale tag; do not assume it is on sale.
      8. Do not tell me, "But the other store does it for me!" We are not the other store. Go there if you want their service.
      9. I do not care whether you want paper or plastic. I do not care why you want the respective bags or the reasons for their use. Just take the damn things and go!
      10. I am a cashier. I am not an idiot. The words are not synonymous. Please don't treat me as such. You need idiots like me to ring up your order.

      ****Please take the above advice to heart and remember: somewhere out there is a cashier that feels this way and is about to explode. Do you want to be the final straw?****
      qualityg says YES!

      WEEK ENDING 6/24/06

      qualityg says... - how about a new name for Kmart  "smearK"

      I gave that name to Kmart last June (2005) when the merger between Sears and Kmart was taking place.

      The post can be found at

      So now comes the next super duper blue light special:

      Attention Kmart shoppers all five of you in aisles two and seven; today’s blue light specials are on top soil, Martha’s prison garb, and don’t miss the specials on Ming Dynasty Art and a Picasso.

      smearK is selling off high-end art from its former corporate headquarters in Troy Michigan, including a rare Picasso tapestry and a 15th-century Chinese Ming Dynasty watercolor. The gallery also includes more than 1,000 oils, photos, posters, tapestries and sculptures.

      I guess former CEO Charles Conaway and former CFO John McDonald who were responsible with misleading investors about the retailer's financial condition and eventual bankruptcy forgot to have an open house for shareholders.

      qualityg wonders why another ex-Kmart chief executive Julian Day (took over after bankruptcy) got $90 million in stock options for his 10 months of leadership. I guess cash in stock is better than a Ming in hand.

      qualityg says… smearK Please Shut-Up. Do the right thing, sell those items, put the money back into the 401Ks, and pension plans of the employees who were ripped off.

      Where the Hell were the Prosecution Attorneys and Bankruptcy Judge during the trial. Surely these priceless items should have been included.

      WEEK ENDING 7/01/06

      This "View" Stinks

      I must admit I did try to watch this show once, as soon as the four viewettes started arguing and trying to over talk each other I had to change the channel.

      Every now and then while channel surfing I will stop and see if it has changed. NOPE!

      The only person I do like is Meredith Vieira. She does a nice job on the game show Millionare. I'm sure she will do well on "The Today Show."

      Now back to the recent developments with Star Jones (Who is this person) and Barbara Walters. Your petty fued is sickening, it's in the papers, on the news and Star (Who is this person) is on every chezzy talk show.

      Please Shut-Up & Go Away

      WEEK ENDING 7/8/06

      The dictionary defines a bully as:
      1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
      2. A hired ruffian; a thug.
      3. A pimp.

      4. To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner.
      5. To make (one's way) aggressively.
      6. To force one's way aggressively or by intimidation.

      qualityg's definition - an asshole
      This week there have been two big time bullies (see defenitions above) storming their way into our TV rooms and newspapers with threats, intimidation, scowling faces and baby type whining.

      One wants to be a big time player in world politics and one who already is a big time player in disrupting companies for his own profits wants to change the face of General Motors and not for the better).

      I have an idea, J.J. buys North Korea, and haggles with Ping Pong behind their own teflon curtain about who is the bigger bully and they leave the rest of us to get on with our lives.

      qualityg also says ... Jerk Jerkorian and Ping Kim Pong Jong
      Please Shut-Up!

      WEEK ENDING 7/15/06
      Click on Pics to Enlarge

      The article above did not come out clearly. It is a good story about a teacher (Norm Campbell, 4th & 5th grade science teacher in Southgate Michigan) who works with students during the summer (his own time) to further their education.
      Some of the projects the kids have worked on voluntarily are:

      Hot Air Ballons (tissue papaers and heat guns, pic above)
      Garbage Land Preserve (take responsibility for where garbage goes and the space it takes)
      Egg Drop from a 20 ft fall to see if it can with stand the impact (kids deseign the package container).
      qualityg says ... "Please keep up the good work Mr. C"

      THE BAD
      “No students in this fight ring” by Rochelle Riley

      Forget Ali-Frazier or Tyson-Holyfield. The real battle that should be watched for history's sake is between Jimmy Womack, an ordained minister who is president of the Detroit school board, and Marie Thornton, a longtime activist elected to the board last November.

      see complete article at:

      The Bad

      qualityg says ... Mr. Womack and Ms. Thornton "Please Shut-Up"

      “MEAP test scores are continuing their drop”
      by Lori Higgans & Chastity Pratt

      High school scores on the MEAP test are continuing a downward spiral, with the graduating Class of 2006 stumbling in every subject except social studies.
      see complete article at:And The Ugly

      qualityg says ... I want to "Throw-Up"

      WEEK ENDING 8/06/06 - Congress Please Shut-Up
      Minimum Wage
      This is always a touchy subject depending on what side of the fence you sit on. I have not done enough research to argue for or against it being raised to $10.00. HOWEVER, there is something fundamentally wrong with Congress deciding this issue since they have received 8 raises since the last minimum wage hike. This averages out to be about $30,000 each!

      qualityg says ... This is disgusting and hypocritical - how can Congress vote on this subject. So Please give your raises back or Please Shut-Up.

      Hilary vs Donald

      RUMSFELD You Dirty Rat!

      BACK-OFF Witch!This was a real treat (embarassing) watching these two so-called leaders arguing about the Iraq War. Do you think you two could address the issues without the negative jabs and punches. Nothing gets accomplished except that your milquetoast (meek and slimy) and lemming (blind followers) type advisors tell you how well you did. NOT!
      Please Shut-Up.

      WEEK ENDING - 9/24/06 - Keep Talking Wackos
      I just finished updating my "FOOLS" post ( on patricia dunn who got pushed out at Hewlett Packard for spying on her people.

      I certaintly could have added the following two Bozos but I decided they are to Wacky to just be labeled a Fool.
      Last week the United Nations in New York served as an international "Comedy Club" for two punk comedians named "Hugo Asshole Chavez" and "MealyMouth Mahmoud Ahmadmaninejad."

      Don't you just love it when clowns use animals in their acts?

      Perhaps you missed their acts? They made fun of the United States President and Jews. They also had swell digs at one of New York's finest Hotel's and they even had Secret Service Guards to keep their swarming fans from paying homage.

      qualityg says ...
      Guys, next time you come to the United States give me a call I would love to catch your act in Detroit.
      WEEK ENDING 10/01/06

      Papal Apologies & School Counts
      qualityg says... Enough is enough of the Wacko papal apologies. It started with the Pope, then the Cardinals, next the Bishops and now the local parish Priests.

      I'm not going to explain the story, it's ridiculus all it does is give fodder to the "punk" radicals. Move on to the next stupid related news story.
      School Counts - Yep in Dollars
      Last Wednesday was the annual school count in Michigan. Each school is allotted a certain amount of dollars for each student that is in school for attendance call.
      The schools turn into carnivals having raffles to give away big ticket items to come to school for one day with the hopes you will like what you see and stay for the remainder of the year. Oh My!
      Detroit Public Schools and other state public schools are in fear of losing 25,000 (worth $190 million) students from the recently settled strike gave away Laptop Computers, movie tickets, pizza, ice cream and prize giveaways are used to bribe kids to come to class; extra buses are gassed. What a sham. If administrators and teachers were as excited about getting kids to school every day, not just to get their share of state aid, perhaps fewer would fail.
      One of the big winners was Inkster, where the district will gain more than $2 million in state funding by adding another 294 students -- at an increase of $7,872 for each one. Districts receive varying amounts per pupil. The minimum is $7,085. NOTE: INKSTER SCHOOL HAS ONE OF THE HIGHEST DROP-OUT RATES AND LOWEST TEST SCORES IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN.

      It's been almost 2 months since I last posted a "Wacko Week." There is probably no better Wacko Week than the start of the Holiday Season (I mean shopping) and Good Will Towards Man ( I mean money). HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU TOO SWEETY!
      Where else could you find so many people (I mean mob) who want to get together to sing Christmas Carols (I mean push & swear) exactly one month before Christmas, at Midnight no less?

      SANTA qg says ... COAL FOR ALL OF YOU IN YOUR Stockings (I mean shopping carts)!!!
      December 3, 2006 - Seasons Greeting Part II

      Last week a good friend of mine and I were talking about Christmas Decorations on Front Lawns of Homes. We were in total agreement that we could NOT stand the new easy does it blow-up decorations that seem to be everywhere this year.

      Well --> TADA ...

      WEEK ENDING 12/23/06

      The caption and Post below qualityg says ... was written last May, 2006. On 12/22/06 mike niWrong dropped rape charrges against three Duke University lacrosse players. No "scientific or other evidence was found and niWrong said the state was unable to meet its burden of proof.

      qualityg says ...

      Coal for niWrong in your Stocking ---> and Mr. Jackson and Sharpton are you still paying for the free full ride scholarship to the accuser as you stated just one week after the case became public -

      Oh, please shut-up!! and CROW for you two!

      May 2006 Post

      Mike Nifong has never seen a need to apologize for how he’s investigating rape allegations against members of Duke University’s lacrosse team. Now that voters have backed his bid to remain district attorney, he sees no reason to start.

      A court motion read...
      "He [Nifong] created a conflict between his professional duties and the search for truth, and his personal vested interest in getting elected," the motion says.

      "In his zeal to make national headlines and win a hotly contested primary, the DA Nifong intentionally ignored other evidence which was inconsistent with rape at the expense of [Seligmann] and all other Duke lacrosse players," the motion continues. "All this evidence shows that DA Nifong's rape case was a post-hoc shakedown."

      JUSTICE should be served but Not at the hands of a self-interest NiWeasel.