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High School & College Mentor Program - Updated 7/14/16

Updated 7/14/16 - 

I am no longer employed by Cabrini Schools - The CDMP Website is no longer available at this time. However, the information below and other links (Click the Dream Mentor) label on left hand side of blog) about the CDMP Program can be found on this Blog.

Updated 6/24/16

“We are extremely proud of the Cabrini Dream Mentor Program,” Jim Wasukanis said, in which students from eighth grade through 12th undergo “yearly intensive counseling” to help them determine a direction for higher education and career goals. CDMP Director Greg Campbell designed it,” he said. “As a result, scholarships have gone up from a few hundred thousand dollars in the past to $4 million for this year’s 100 graduates.”

In Addition - $207,750.00 Scholarship, Award and Contest dollars have been won through the CDMP Website as reported to Mr. Campbell. See the total under the "Data" Label. In addition, the CDMP Program has been instrumental in the amount of college/school scholarships offered to senior students over the past 8 years. The amount is over $20 million dollars.

For other newsworthy notes on the CDMP Program  go here - 

Updated 2/1/16

Newspaper Article - 

Updated 1/22/15 - Presentation on the CDMP Process

As part of an all school (K-12) meeting with over 1000 people in attendance the CDMP Program was presented.

Other Informational links about CDMP Include:
May 2014 - Posted in the News Herald Paper - We (Cabrini High School) have a one-of-a-kind Dream Mentor Program that helps students prepare for college starting as early as 8th grade and provides students with over 900 scholarship opportunities. That is incredible! This is a parent-student cooperative program that is geared toward each student with as much individual attention as the student desires. 

Oct 2013 - David Szczesny, a senior at Cabrini, provides a powerful statement (13 minute mark) about CDMP and how it has helped him prepare for college on the News/Talk 760 WJR Paul W. Smith show.  Link 

Sep 2013 - Mr. Campbell was selected as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction by the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). NSHSS is an international honor society dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of high school students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, scholarship and community commitment. The Educator of Distinction Award is named in honor of the society’s founder, Claes Nobel, a relative of Peace Prize namesake Alfred Nobel. Visit the NSHSS Website for more information. 

Mar 2012 - As part of Cabrini High School NCA CASI (accreditation division of AdvaneED) the CDMP was given a “Commendation” during the Quality Assessment Review (QAR). 

Nov 2011 - Mr. Greg Campbell will be presenting the CDMP at the Annual International Deming Research Seminar (February 27 & 28 - 2012) that will bring together people from around the world, and from a variety of specialties, to enhance, extend, and illustrate Dr. Deming's teachings and theories. 

Mar 2011 - As part of Cabrini Elementary and Middle School NCA CASI (accreditation division of AdvaneED) Greg Campbell Director of the Cabrini Dream Mentor Program (CDMP) was asked to submit the process to:

The AdvancED Resource Network is a knowledge base designed to support accredited and candidate schools and districts in their efforts to continuously improve student learning and school/district effectiveness. The network consists of the following core components: Peer-to-Peer Practices Connecting people to people Interventions, strategies, programs, or activities that have been identified by a school or school system to be effective within a given set of cultural, organizational, and instructional conditions. 

Jan 2011 - Read the article from the Times/Herald newspaper about the Cabrini Dream Mentor Program written by Andrea Poteet. Link 

Dec 2010 - CDMP Director named "Administrator of the Year" by the Michigan School Counselor's Association.. Link 

Dec 2010 - The Cabrini Dream Mentor Program and its director, Greg Campbell, were recently mentioned in the Downriver News Herald. Link

I would like to share with you a "unique" Mentoring Program that benefits students from 8th - 12th Grades.

If you are a high school student check out the College Info Link.

If you are a parent check out all the links.

If you are an educator or administrator check out the contact!

How did the Dream Mentor Begin?
The Dream Mentor program is a program that provided each student from eighth grade to twelve grades the opportunity to meet with a Dream Mentor to provide academic and occupational exploration prospects both inside and outside of the classroom.

What is the Purpose of the Dream Mentor Program?
The word “Dreams” provides a sense of comfort and confidentiality that is required when one is confiding trust and passion to another in hope reality can be achieved. The aim of the program will be to:

1. Fostering academic (thinking) development
2. Preparing students to be informed, caring, and productive citizens of society
3. Preparing students for higher education
4. Preparing students for the world of work.

What are the Goals and Objectives of the Dream Mentor Program?
· Help students find the joy in learning
· Provide students with academic and occupational exploration prospects both inside and
outside of the classroom.
· Assist students in discovering their abilities, talents and passions
· Aid students in creating short and long term educational plans
· Create a Dream Roadmap with student that follows the student from year to year based
on the student’s interests and goals.
· The roadmap will assist the student by identifying what he or she wants to accomplish
while in high school and in the future.
· The goal will be to meet with student at least three times a year
· Better chance of student going on to higher education
· Facilitate students with transition from grade to grade

What is the Process for the Dream Mentor Program?

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Another You Tube Video (13 minute mark) that mention the CDMP program - 

Cabrini High School - Interview with News/Talk 760 WJR Paul W. Smith

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