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Enough Already ! C'Mon - Dr. Seuss!! Update 10/11/17 - NFL Protest

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Each day now brings me to say Enough Already - C'Mon ...

10/1 /17
Enough Already ! C'Mon - Dr. Seuss!!

I can hardly watch any national cable news station or major networks anymore even when I am trying to learn more about the devastating storms, terror or sports. Every topic/segment is being politicized, radicalized, and just plain poor biased opinionated reporting by all political sides. It's really disgusting, divisive and just wrong.

The only sports shows I like are with Neil Everett and Stan Verrett from Late Night ESPN Sports Center. I also enjoy Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

The anchors on the major cable news networks ( Especially CNN Morning News) use their voices and facial expressions when someone does not agree with their loaded questions and sarcastic tones.

Because so much of this trash reporting is on TV and Internet News people hide behind their keyboards and social media and say things that really show their colors. Perhaps this is good in a sense but people are swayed in to thinking it is true just because someone says it is true or false.

Last week I heard about the librarian who turned the books (Dr. Seuss)  the first lady sent out across the country in to a racially and politically motivated  stance that is just plain wrong.

While reading the Sunday Detroit Free Press this morning columnist Mitch Albom wrote a column that really tells the librarian how she should have handled the situation. I loved the part about the librarian herself participated in a Dr, Seuss birthday activity just a few years ago.

Here is the column -

Heck each year while I worked in education I would read Dr. Seuss books to our kindergartners.

Updated 10/11/17

Enough Already - C'Mon - NFL Players Protest!!

This has totally got out of hand. In my humble opinion this is not a First Amendment Issue. It is a Work Place Issue. In order for the 1st amendment to apply there must be a government party on one side and a private person/group on the other side.The last time I looked the NFL Teams are owned by individuals or corporations. Being owners they establish the rules for their workplace (Has anyone looked at their manuals/policy for players regarding the National Anthem). If the owners don't have the sense (Guts) to establish consistent rules/policies then they are adding to the "Demise of the American Workplace." Poor leadership is at the root cause of this problem.

In addition, it is NOT the place of government to dictate what the rules should be for the NFL. This only adds layers of confusion about the First Amendment Rights.

I have worked for a number of private and public companies to know if I protested during my work hours (Especially on company property) for something that was not approved by my boss(es) I would would probably have been fired. If it were after hours or the weekend I might be safe to protest as long as I did not break the law. However, I still must remember I represent my company at all times and I again risk the peril of being fired or reprimanded. It is a personal choice.

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Julio in SC said...

Great post qualityg! We are getting to the point where there is no safe haven from the political nonsense. School, movies, tv, and now even our beloved sports. Heck, go to church on Sunday and you may even hear the preacher chime in about it. I'm starting to envy the Tom Hanks character in "Castaway".