Sunday, September 24, 2017

President Trump is a counter puncher – Sorry - Nope - No Way! - Updated NFL

Updated - September 24, 2017

C’mon, - this is ridiculous - No counter punching here just a wild Hay maker hoping to land but it did nothing but destroy yourself.

The “sons of bitches” who knelt for the national anthem should be fired.
Why do you need to be so divisive?” This would have gone its way and was already petering out with just a small amount showing their disapproval.

As President there are “way” too important issues facing our country that you are trying to accomplish. I want Obama Care replaced. I want Tax Reform, I want a stronger immigration policy against those who have committed crimes and I certainly want North Korea to stop shooting missiles.

Instead of trying to unite democrats and republicans you taunt. Instead of letting a diplomatic solution take place with your cabinet people you taunt the ones they need to negotiate with for settlement.

You make everyone’s jobs harder and that is just not good!!!

I always remember a few lines from the movie Braveheart:
Robert the Bruce: Now you've achieved more than anyone ever dreamed, but fighting these odds it looks like rage, not courage.
William: It's well beyond rage. Help me. In the name of Christ help yourselves! Now is our chance, now! If we join, we can win. If we win, well then we'll have what none of us have ever had before; a country of our own. You are the rightful leader and there is strength in you. I see it. Unite us. Unite us. Unite the clans!

You are the rightful President –Unite us as a country – you have a chance to do great things but all you do is throw barriers in your own way.

August 18, 2017,

I have heard this statement time and time again referring to President Trump. Trumpnocounterpuncher

People make this statement (Boxing Reference) because they feel every time President Trump is criticized he fires back with both barrels at the attacker. This is not counter punching this is just stupid. Why? Because it is a reaction that has not been thought out or is based on any experience other than a reflex action responding to a threat. In fact, it leaves you open for a counter-punch.

I have been involved with Boxing for over 55 years and a good counter puncher is one who has a plan and a sense of purpose in trapping their opponent by making him miss and then going on the attack. He is the patient boxer that simply stands there waiting for you to make the first move. For every punch that you throw, he has the perfect answer. He relies on the opponent's own aggression to draw him into a perfectly set trap.

Successful boxers who use this style must have great reflexes, ring intelligence, punch precision and excellent hand speed. Willie Pep, Archie Moore, Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather are all great examples of great counter punchers.

President Trump you are being counter punched by the idiot pundits and news agencies. So what should you do? You beat a counter puncher by out thinking your opponent.  Counter punchers sit back and wait for you to throw the first punch. Their goal is to exploit any openings in your attack. You need to develop a systems thinking persona and consider the whole (How will my response affect others) instead of just the piece (Personal attack).

It takes time and experience to become a good fighter and I believe the same for being a good political fighter. President Trump is new to this arena and needs to rely on his political aides who have experience until he learns the ropes. 

If he can remain patient and learn -  he will then be a force to reckon with -  but for now he is just a punching bag.

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