Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Quality --> What Does It Stand For" & "Dr. Deming's Quality Chain"

I do NOT have a definition for Quality, only a comment " Q is the difference between What Is, and What Should Be. No more, no less, just treat your customers (internal & external) and suppliers as equals. Be honest and be fair, that is what is known as "Integrity."

Below is a diagram that I created to sometimes use to explain quality, not define it.

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If a company engages in an effort to "really" improve quality they can expect to gain the following from Dr. Deming's Quality Chain. It amazes me that so many companies do not follow this quality chain. They will pay outside consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell them in a complex way what Dr. Deming explained in common sense so many years ago.

To Enlarge Click On Diagram.

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Thank You for sharing this chart, very informative.