Monday, September 09, 2013

Pets - Maggie Mae

In Memory of Maggie Mae (2004 - 2013)

I had to put Maggie down today because of Diabetes. She went fast and did not feel any pain even though she has had a very bad few weeks with rapid weight loss and other symptoms.
Before going to the Vet I took her to her favorite park today and she was able to chase a few squirrels and bunnies. I gave her some treats too. At the Vet's I held her and looked in to her eyes as she passed. Here a few videos from this summer and last winter.

She will be missed by all; especially Angie (her sister and me). Lorelai and Cricket too!

Maggie was the leader of the Pack!

In Memory of Lady Arwen of Wesley (1980 - 1994)


If ever you need me, I'll be right here, To chase away the sadness, And wipe away a tear. If ever you need me, I'll be two steps behind, To follow in your footsteps, And hear what's on your mind. If ever you need me, You'll never have to fear, That your presence isn't important, And your love isn't dear. If ever you need me, I'll always be around, to bring back the laughter, Where deep in your heart it's found. You'll never have to worry, For I'll always be here, To chase away the sadness, And wipe away a tear. I AM HERE FOR YOU! (even in spirit) ~author unknown

The following are pictures of Pets that belong to qualitygloggers (Friends, Family; Bloggers who visit the site): Click on picture to enlarge.

The Girls! Maggie, Angie & Katie

Grandma & the Girls

Rista - Here Kitty, Kitty! Posted by Hello

Dear Cousin Simba, there is a big Doberman that wants to meet you.
Cousin Chloe Flynn

Buddy & Pals (Kristine, Tracy & Brian)

Sugar says... Grandma, I only have eyes for You!

Schotz says... Hold Me, Hold Me Too!

The Life of Riley
Judy's Babies
Jesse - anyone want to play marbles?

"Ditto and Elsa"

qualityg has been getting a lot of cat pictures and emails with cats. No, I have not gone over to the other side, but I wish my dog loving friends would send some Pictures (i.e., Paul A, Thad B, Robbie F, Gina S, Linda L, Patti H, Greg K, John C...).
Below are Pat's Office Assistants, "Ditto and Elsa" - I've had assistants that lay around like that...

Carhartt or Cathartt??

Sophies Choice - Big John ---> I only have eyes for you

After a long walk and run--> chasing squirrels
It's time for a treat!

Mo Lovin for GHOST!

updated 3/06/06

"Bailey" Dog of The Day
This is our beautiful dog, Bailey, aka Pupadupolous. We have had this good girl since she was four weeks old. She was abandoned by her mother and we rescued her from a Doberman second chance rescue. From day one she has been the sweetest and most obedient pet a family could ask for. From Gina, Harold, Erica, Morgan & Monica.

Billy, Bella and the Girls