Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"The Wisdom to be Remembered" - Updated 07/05/18

April 2013

 "The Wisdom to be Remembered"

Born - Honolulu, Hawaii 

"Knowledge is for sharing.
It is not about the amount of knowledge you obtain or have.
It is about the amount of knowledge you freely share and give."

2/1/16 - Hawaii Visit

Updated 7/21/13

What a bundle of joy. Three months old now and such a good baby for her first visit to Michigan. Logged many miles from Hawaii to Washington DC to Arkansas to Michigan and back to Hawaii with a stop in Seattle to see her uncle.

MICHIGAN - Great Grandma (GG) and Nana 

Seattle - Uncle Greg


Updated 9/11/15

9/11 is truly a special day because it is my daughter's birthday. Yes, it will always be interwoven with the attacks on the twin towers but it's also a day about rebirth.

MICHIGAN - July 2015 - Elizabeth Park

Visiting "GG"

MARYLAND - August 2015

The Ballerina and Gymnast

She Brightens up my day!

October 2015

So Thankful
November 2015

My Favorites

January 2016

October 2016
Good Job Papa for winning me a trophy (Age Group Winner - LOL) and medal at the Monster Mash Run!

October 2016

Born - Annapolis, Maryland

Welcome to "Julian Grant Hutchison" born on 11/30/2016

March 2017

Cherry Blossoms


August 2017 - Groton, Connecticut

Oh Yes! Ice Cream Lovers - Just Like Papa!!

October 2017 - Michigan - Pumpkin Patch!

December - 2017 - MICHIGAN - Great Grandma (GG)

April 2018 - Washington State - New Home

July 2018 - Michigan - Climbing to New Heights