Thursday, April 28, 2005

Questioning it Like Beckmann - Provide the Complete View, Professor

Questioning It Like Beckmann

No, this is not about another famous English Soccer Star. This is about our own Michigan Talk Show host - Fran Beckmann of Radio Station WJR 760 (9 – 11:30 am). - click on Frank Beckmann

Whenever I’m on the road at this time of day I catch Mr. Beckmann’s show. Why, because he is fair, intelligent and thinks like a “Systems Thinker.” By that I mean he looks at the total picture and makes sure all areas are being covered so that listeners can form an intelligent decision.

Today was no exception; while I did not hear the beginning of the show I listened to two interviews that were exceptional:

1) He spoke with Kent Cooper, co-founder of , about the Website’s tracking of privately funded travel for all members of Congress and specifically the Michigan delegation. This site has some valuable information that all voters should consider before voting for someone they don’t know or on name only.

2) William Polk, Middle East expert and professor at both Harvard and the University of Chicago, talked about his book – “Understanding Iraq”. I’m telling you I never have heard such an outstanding interview. Why? Do you ever listen to an interview and think to yourself “ask him the tough question, or don’t let her off the hook.” That is what Frank did today with the good professor. Frank was well prepared, had his facts and notes and challenged the professor whose book is slanted and opinionated based on facts that have been proven false by the 9/11Commission among others.

The best part was after the interview was when Frank stated that he felt it was necessary for listeners to hear both sides and more importantly he wondered what do our children learn when Professors can spew out one side and not provide all the facts. Especially at a school like Harvard!

If you go to the WJR site and click on Frank Beckmann site
You can replay the interview (usually posted the following day).

Good Stuff Mr Beckmann.

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