Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Planes, Cell Phones and "stinky feet"

Cell Phones on Planes? Many airlines are considering allowing cell phone usage during flights.

No, No and Hell No. I will never fly on an airline that allows cell phone use during flights.

I have been trapped in my seat on numerous occasions while pompous buffoons salespeople try to impress everyone with their mojo before a flight doors are closed. I had one guy sit in front of me kick of his shoes, put them up on the wall (Row 1). Lean all the way back in his chair, sip some wine and start braking orders at his employees on how to do there job.

After ten minutes of this punk rattling on to another caller on hoe rich he was and important he was I just had to enter the conversation. So every time he would talk loud enough for everyone to hear I would answer back. He looked back on occasion and gave me a couple of sneers. I began to pull magazines out very rough so that his seat would rattle from side to side. “Excuse me” didn’t mean to invade your space. He gave another look like the one your Dad would do when he planned on yelling at you after he got off the phone.

Once the doors were closed he finally flipped off his phone and raised his seat. He kept his shoes off and began to talk to the stewardess about the guy behind him causing him grief. The guy behind him just said, “Something Stinks” and received the applause of the others sitting around the jackass.

So no, do not allow cell phone use where I am trapped. If you must do it, put a section way in the back so that when everyone open and closes the bathroom door they will know how important they are in the eyes of a madman.

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