Monday, November 21, 2005

Does the Computer Help Learning in School?

Read a story last week that indicated that high school test scores for reading, writing and arithmetic have not improved since the introduction of the computer in the classrooms. However, learning more about a computer has vastly improved.

Is it the tool (computer) or how we are using the tool as a teaching aid?

New computers line the media center. Despite the spending, this school trails federal standards and many others in the district have continuously failed the NCLB standard.

qualityg asks... Are the computers used only in a Computer Lab setting or are they a tool (i.e., textbook) used to enhance learning. Are the teachers (other than the computer lab teacher) certified to use the computer as a teaching tool? Is there any correlation data that would support this question?

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Anonymous said...

I am ateacher in Ohio and the only training I have had are some very high level overviews on Microsoft Word, Outlook and Browsing the Internet.