Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Governor Says "Return to Learn Month" Helps Citizens Increase Earning Power, Grow State's Economy - qg says...

Governor Granholm Says "Return to Learn Month" Helps Citizens Increase Earning Power, Grow State's Economy

Full Government announcement at- Return to Learn Month

Governor Granholm has made doubling the number of college graduates in Michigan over the next decade a priority for her Administration, saying that to have a strong economy, Michigan must have the best-educated workforce in the country. The Cherry Commission on Higher Education and Economic Growth, appointed by Granholm and led by Lt. Governor John Cherry, recommended increased outreach to the one out of four Michigan workers who have attended college but have not earned a degree.

“Our ‘Return to Learn’ campaign is really just getting started,” said Cherry. “These institutions have an ongoing commitment to welcoming back adult learners and giving them the support they need to finish their degrees.”

qualityg says… I applaud the Governor’s announcement and I would like to see each college/university listed to provide a link for their “Return to Learn Plan.” Surely this would provide the citizens a much-needed reference as to which institution satisfies their needs.

I called a number of the schools listed. 7 out of 10 had no idea what I was talking about. Perhaps I had the wrong department or a person that was not informed. My goal is not to embarrass anyone but to have the Governor’s state education department follow-up and post the links that I mentioned for each school.

What prompted me to post this blog is because I talked to some friends who are attending one of the schools listed. Part of the schools requirements is for the students to do 15 weeks of early childhood practicum as part of their degree. In order for this to happen one would have to take a leave from their job or quit so that they can get their degree. The school is not flexible in this manner and many have to put off getting their degree because they can’t afford to lose their job or pay for 2 ½ months.

I confirmed this by calling the university and stated that I was returning to school to finish my degree and what would be required. When told that I could not afford to lose my job and offered some alternative ways to do the practicum and still work the person did not budge and said it was a Departmental policy and take it up with the Dean (I plan on doing this soon). I know this is only one school and one department but this is just the opposite of what the Governor is stating in her announcement.

Additional announcements at the State Education Site that Parents, Educators and Administrators should take a look at include:


j-man said...

Once again government officials rush out a good idea without a good plan. I wonder how many of the adults that this program was "developed" for were interviewed to learn more about what it would take to make this plan work. Given the state of the economy in Michigan I imagine that many workers are living check to check. Very few could afford to quit a full time job to pursue a degree.

qualityg says said...

Well stated j-man. Perhaps the State Govt could provide unemployment compensation or subsidide the student while doing their practicum. This would put some teeth into the Governor's proclamation.

Anonymous said...

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