Thursday, January 12, 2006

Customer Service - DID YOU SAY??? - Yes I did!

OK, what are the odds of calling two different places for information on the same day and getting the same type of computer automated response.

You know, it's the one that gives you 4-5 prompts and then asks you to say what you want, and then it says "Did You Say" or if it can't understand you it says, I'm sorry I didn't get what you are asking."

First I called local information for a number in Rochester Hills, for some reason it could not understand my three requests and I finally transferred to a human being in the United States!

Second call went to my new medical carrier. When the computer voice could not understand my third request I had it, I did not wait for a live person. So after the last "Sorry, Did You Say? - I said the old army saying "Eat My Shorts."

Was it not just a few years ago that we complained constantly about information operators and customer reps? All I can say is efficiency may have improved but not effectiveness. In order to have complete customer satisfaction you must have both efficiency and effectiveness.

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