Friday, February 10, 2006

Misc - qualityg - "an introduction"


Purpose/Aim - The purpose of this site is express my thoughts, opinions, writings, sayings on the topic of Quality. Quality means many things to many people, for this site it means Quality in Business, Quality in Education, Quality in Government and Quality of Life.

My aim to provide feedback to the CEOs, Presidents, Educators, BODs, etc... that continue to transform our businesses, schools and government into personal gains regardless of what is done to the people who work at these institutions and the communities they supposedly serve.

I will give credit where credit is due, and blame to whomever is to blame based on my findings (data + information + application = knowledge).

I am not a fan of Quality Charlatans (i.e., consultants, bloggers, etc...) and go out of my way to challenge them based on "What" they say they have done and "What" they say they know. Why? Becasue there are ten phonies for every good Quality person or company helping people and companies do the right thing.

qg - anonymous, yes for awhile, my hope is that readers will concentrate on the message, not the messenger, if you must know send me an Email.


I have studied and applied Quality & Educational concepts for over 27 years in both Service and Educational settings. In that time I have held the following titles/certifications:

  • National Director of Quality
  • Director of Quality
  • Process & Technical Management Manager/Director
  • Lead Internal Advisor (Officers, Teams, Process Analysts, Quality Advisors, Team Leaders, etc)
  • Master Quality Trainer (SPC, Quality Tools/Techniques, Process Mgt, Team Leader, Team Member, Strategic Planning, ISO 9000, Six Sigma, etc)
  • Part-Time College University Instructor (undergrad) - certified to teach Business, Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Quality & Process Mgt, and Organizational Behavior & Change.
  • Certifications - Quality Systems, Quality Trainer, ASQ Auditor & Manager, Baldrige Assessor & AQP Team Judge, ISO (RAB), Juran Six Sigma, Quality Consultant, Team Leader, Quality Advisor etc...
  • Trained/Instructed over 8000 employees/students in Leadership, Business, Management, Organizational Behavior & Change, Quality Tools & Principles and Process Mgt. I have also worked in grades from pre-K- 16
  • Personally taken over 60 Quality and Process seminars, classes and training.

I am also a life-long learner in pursuit of "Profound Knowledge" in quality and education (still a long way to go).

Lastly, I am not a consultant!




Anonymous said...

Who are you masked man/woman?

Katbo said...

I do HR work and boy does it get boring. Thanks to your blog I get through the day. In fact I've thought about turning my human resources and performance appraisals into a blog also. Since appraisals are all I know.

qualityg says said...


if appraisale are all you know this might not be the best site to visit. I do not beleive in PA's.