Monday, March 06, 2006

Quality Education - State Scores way behind Federal Scores & Michigan to Roll Out Education Improvement Framework ???

The nation's students do glaringly worse on a tough federal test than they do on state exams in reading and math,
raising doubts about how much kids are learning

Under No Child Left Behind, all children must be proficient in reading and math by 2014. But there has never been a promise of consistency (read post ).

Such discrepancies are not uncommon. Students from all over the country performed worse on a tough federal test than they did on state exams in reading and math -- raising questions about whether states are setting lower standards.

States define what "proficient" means, and their expectations for students, tests and passing scores vary widely. States have a huge stake in the scores on their own exams, because they determine whether schools make enough progress to avoid federal penalties.

(click to get form) Michigan School Improvement PRE-Conference Wkshop - This one day conference (Thursday March 23) This workshop is specially designed for ISD schoolimprovement staff, education organizations and ABCS Coaches to preview several drafts of new School Improvement Framework tools, and discuss professional development options in preparation for the April 27th statewide rollout of the Framework. - Free
(click to get form) 2006 Michigan School Improvement Conference - This one day conference (Thursday April 27th) will provide you with practical, hands-on information and tools to understand and use the School Improvement Framework to support and enhance your school improvement efforts.- $125.00
qualityg says ... The first one is free and the second one costs $125.00. Is this Framework a Requiremt for all school districts? Is it mandatory? Why would you have to pay for something as important as this (because of a speaker)?

I have read the framework and posted it on this blog in May 2005 with questions that are still not answered (

Free Conference - Preview "several" drafts of Framework.

Cost Conference - Hands on information and tools to understand and use Framework.
Are you kidding me? The framework is based on Malcolm Baldrige criteria (don't let state tell you it's just a small part). To understand and use tools of this type usually requires one week of training, and then to be paired with someone who has had experience and application with this type of framework.
One more question - What is the cost for this rollout?

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Anonymous said...

I sure wish the state would decide what program will improve our schools.

What is so different about this one? Based on what you said I too would like to know the cost.