Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shit Can the High School Graduation Party

Re-Post 6/12/14 - It's that time of year again...

I had a lot of time to think this past weekend since I drove to Indianapolis on Friday and returned on Saturday night. Ten hours driving alone in my car listening to talk shows in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as I drove through these states. While most of the talk pertained to local affairs one thread that was in each state was the shape of our education system from K-16.

I also thought about all the high school graduation parties I have went to over the years, and how this year there are more than a few to attend. However, one of the party's I will be attending is not for the best student in high school but she is one of the brightest. She did enough to just get by in high school and was more caught up in the drama of school and sports and never realized it was a stepping stone to college and a career.

I believe her problem was she just needed to realize the working world requires much more than a high school diploma. Almost every student with caring parents will get their child through high school, but in order to make it through college, one needs fortitude, perseverance, a purpose and money. If it’s the student's own money, you really get a jolt of reality as to what it means to graduate with a degree from a college or certification in a vocational field.

I know this person will find a profession she likes and one she will make a difference in the lives of others as well as herself. While college at times will be a struggle she will enjoy most of her classes and teachers.

High School graduation parties are about money; college graduation parties are about accomplishments.
I have said it before and I will continue to say we need Pre-K-16 (Grade 14 for trade or vocational school) education. The paradigm must change; unfortunately the barriers continue to be some politicians and some state school education administrators. Think of the children and do something right for a changequalityg says…


When will parents and decision makers wake up to the fact that education is a life-long journey and it is the foundation and pre-requisite to becoming a competent citizen for a moral conscience society. We can no longer just allow kids to out of high school with society and corporations now fitting the bill for those who did not master the basic skills in high school. In the long run the state will save money with a better educated work force, less unemployment, more small businesses will open, more corporations will do business here, and less dollar drain on the overall population.

No more diplomas after high school, just a seal of competence and a congratulatory note praising you for reaching an important milestone in your life. Yes, I know there will always be students who drop out, yes there will always be minimum paid jobs and yes this is not a cure all. But I do know this, we are in a “Global” competitive marketplace and those that sit back and whine (would you like some cheeze with that whine) and not control their own destiny will be left behind, you have a choice, get off the can.


Anonymous said...

I think you made your point (it does smell), but many kids need money to start college.


qualityg says said...


perhaps you missed part of the point, state education would pay equally for all students from pre-K to 16 (that smells rosy to me).

Passing 12th grade would mean as much as graduating from grammar school.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Isn't high school a more or less given? For most people, what kind of big accomplishment is it to graduate?

Why isn't more made out of college graduation? And, in case some don't know, a recent graduate with $20 K in loans can use some help getting started in the real world.

The high school graduates I know spent their party money on a new wardrobe, fancy electronics or a down paymnent on a new car-not on college expenses.