Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quality Giving - Good Charity or Bogus Charity?

At no time during the year are giving to charities done like they are at the Holiday Season. I have some favorite ones I like to contribute to and thee are others I would not give a wooden nickel based on their track records for what goes to the actual charity and what goes to salaries and administrative costs plus fund raising expenses.

One of my pet peeves is getting solicited over the phone by bogus charities. I no longer promise or suggest I will give money to anyone that calls. I simply ask them to mail me the information about their charity and then I will decide. It is amazing the reactions I get from the solicitor trying to make me feel guilty or questioning my financial status.

Last Saturday I received one from the Fire/Police Department (which one I do not know). The man became very agitated when I told him to mail me the information because I was very busy at the time and that I don't give out money over the phone. Before hanging up on the slug I asked if I could have his home phone number so that I could contact him later at home to further discuss gift giving.

Anyway, I found the following BBB site that provides information and breakdowns as to where the money goes and at what percentage. Perhaps it will help you too make a quality decision before just shoveling out money to the next hustler that calls you on the phone.

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