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In order to remain competitive leaders must concentrate on the following characteristics:

* Make quality the driver of increased market and revenue growth and competitive leadership.

* Achieve complete customer preference by providing exceptional products and services whose quality is defined by the customer.

* Increase sales and revenue growth through quality prevention and error free work.

* Be creative in product and service leadership and concentrate on removing non- value added activities from customer affecting processes.

* Communicate and apply the importance of using quality tools to encourage worker involvement in continuous process improvement.

* Develop customer/supplier partnerships.

* Take leadership position in environmental and safety management.

* Emphasize that quality is defined by what the customer requires and not what the organization believes it is.

* Provide leadership by example with a combination of conviction, compassion and a commitment for continuous improvement with an emphasis on open, two way communications.

* Understand that long term growth demands increased customer preference for our products and services, cost reduction, employee satisfaction and a strong customer/supplier partnership program.

* Develop a deep commitment to acquiring profound knowledge in understanding systems, variation, learning and psychology.

* Establishing true team spirit in their organization by removing internal competition and replacing it with a focus on getting better results with their customers, employees and Quality.

* Good intentions are not enough, it takes good leadership in all levels of the organization to really change the culture.

* Creating a vision that others on the team will follow. Foster a team spirit and make sure everyone involved understands how teamwork, customer focus and good problem solving skills impact both front line and bottom line.

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So what is the definition of a great leader?

"A great leader is one that never asks the question "What's in it for Me?" But, asks "What's in it for all those people who are around me that I am resonsible for."

Do you think our leaders today in industry, education and politics ask this question before they make decisions? Based on the amount of work going to other countries and the health of our education system I would say no, how they sleep at night? Easy, it all about ME!

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