Friday, January 05, 2007

Are you a Coach or a Teacher?

I’m not talking athletics here, I’m talking about is a classroom teacher a coach or a teacher. I’ve come to the conclusion that mandatory testing like the MEAP and NCLB causes teachers to become coaches.

September was used to coach the kids for the MEAP Test in October. This means get your sleep, eat a good breakfast go to bed early because the test will be all day for a couple of weeks (depending on grade). Plus we will nourish you during the testing by giving out cheese sticks, granola bars, water, and juice and fruit snacks.

In November and December Teachers reemerged and started to teach required skills working around the shortened holiday schedules.

The New Year brings back the coaches in order to get ready for NCLB Testing that is right around the corner I February and March in most states. Bring out the game plans, I mean dittos with specific examples on “how” to answer and “what” to answer in case this questions is on the test. Nutrition is key again because the school will be offering free breakfasts to those grades that are testing each morning during the testing period.

Coaches always get the best for their players while teachers struggle to keep the kids interested in learning for the rest of the year.

I wrote recently about a Quality Resolution for 2007 – Innovation at

The same type of change in thinking needs to take place in education as it does in the business world. Conventional Wisdom tells us that American students must get better in math and science in order to compete globally and that we are way behind. I’m telling you when our teachers are allowed to teach our kids are just fine.

"If you people running schools had standards, our nation wouldn't be in such a mess."

It is the non-creative coaching to pass tests that are stifling our children’s creativity and innovation and it carries on to college and the workplace with short-term thinking.

I believe NCLB is a dreadfully defective instrument to measure education and not at all effective. It has done more damage than good and has left innumerable students behind despite its name.

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Anonymous said...

As a teacher, I completely agree with your views on NCLB and coaching. I don't think that ANY of us still use dittos that you refer to often... we can now all guess your age!