Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Patience My Ass ...

Before I started studying “Systems Thinking “and “Profound Knowledge” I used to react like one of my favorite poster's in the Army (hung over my bunk more than 35 years ago). It was a poster of two skinny Buzzards sitting on a branch with one saying to the other “Patience My Ass I’m Gonna Kill Something.”
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I suppose when your young and in the Army this type thinking was not unusual or maybe it was. Anyway over the last 25 years I have learned that Patience Truly is a Virtue.

I now believe if one is patient and vigilant many doors of opportunity that open and close can be analyzed in a more constructive environment as opposed to the out of control and impatient thinking associated with having little patience. Without patience it won’t matter how many times the doors of opportunity open and close because you won’t see them anyway.

It's funny how that works, when you are young and have the time we are very impatient to get on with our lives. However, as we age we have more patience with not as much time left to do all we want to do in our lives.

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