Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mr. Russert was a Champion!


Like many people this past week I was saddened with the sudden passing of Tim Russert of Meet the Press Fame.

I considered him an expert in his field of journalism and analysts of world affairs. He was always professional and a gentleman and produced a “Quality” show each and every time.

With his passing I stared thinking what is an expert he was compared to so many so-called experts that seem to be everywhere today.

Experts keep things simple and can pass information and knowledge to other people. Want an example? Mr. Russert using a “Whiteboard” and marker during the last election to explain the Electoral College. That is an expert!
Experts are everywhere; CNBC the Finance show must put on an expert in something every two minutes. Doesn’t matter that each one seems to contradict the previous one and the talking (yelling) that goes on when they have four experts and a host (another expert) debating (talking over one another) one subject with I’m smarter than you has me turning the channels quickly as I can push the remote button.

How about infomercials? I think the same people who buy these products/services are the same people who have donated money to television preachers and evangelist who build massive homes and churches the size of my local shopping mall.

Have a crisis and everyone has an expert on the radio and television talk shows and news stations. The best are the college professors from local colleges who have done some report on the subject in question, which make them an expert (aagh). I also cringe every time a Wall Street person who is introduced as an expert on money and the market.

If we have so many experts how come we are in such a mess when it comes to our money and educational situations. How come when these experts are proven wrong they are not brought back on the shows to explain their expert reasoning? Then all of a sudden a new topic or crisis emerges and they are back again on the tube and radio spewing miss information.

Mr. Russert was an expert, better than that he was a “Champion.” Champions are proven experts in their field because they work on their expertise (application) everyday, they have trained long and hard to prepare to compete at the highest levels in their field and many are awarded and respected by their peers and competitors. Best of all they don't shortcut corners, they work hard to excel at their work.

We need more champions; all you so-called experts can stay home or at your place of work and look in the mirror.

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