Monday, July 06, 2009

"WIIFM" The most popular radion station in the United States needs to be cancelled!

Over the past 20 years I believe this is the most popular radio station in the United States. Unfortunately I don’t mean this in a positive way.

It is worse than any station you can imagine because the results are selfishness, dishonor and no loyalty to anyone or anything except oneself.

It has caused what Dr. Deming said is the “Demise of the American Management System.” It also ingrained in our educational system and it has caused additional strain and damage to system already in distress.

What do the call letters stand for – What’s In It For Me.

Too many Business executives make decisions on what changes have to be made by first thinking what will happen to me? Will I be Ok? I feel bad for others but that’s just the way it is. Once I know I am OK then I will make sure others are OK, but many will be not.

This is not Servant Leadership; this is Selfish Leadership that breeds long-term negative results.

Many Educational decision makers (Admin, School Boards & Teachers) also use this decision-making policy when changes come their way. The first reaction is “How much more work will this cause me because I am already overloaded?”

I would like all you folks who think this way and put the same thought process toward decisions that affect your family. Do you make decisions based on how you will benefit even at the expense of your loved ones? Most of us do not but we don’t take that same caring logic to our workplace. We have instilled this thinking in the next generation who will leave a job in a minute for short-term gratification.

We don’t think of the whole (systems thinking) and how we are not SERVING our employees, organization the communities we serve.

This thinking is rabid in many companies that push for cheaper labor in places that serve no purpose to the whole (employees, organization and communities).

Don’t give me your bottom line crap. Your bottom line sucks because of your short-term narrow Wall Street thinking.

So stay tuned folks because this radio station is playing in your company, your school and in your home. Please don’t advertise anymore, this station needs to be cancelled NOW!

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