Thursday, May 21, 2009

Does Homework Do More Harm Than Good?

I originally wrote this post a few years back.

This morning I read a very enlightening article that I hope you will read. It can be found at:

My Post from 2007,

For many years now I have often wondered if Homework added value to a student's learning.

I have never been an advocate for Homework that is given by teachers because of their poor planning and time management skills. Many classes and state testing requirements require that students be at a certain module in the year and that certain topics must be covered in time to show how much the student has learned (Ridiculous).

Because there is not enough time in a five day week to cram the students with knowledge they are required to do additional hours of work at home.

Here lays the problem for a large amount of students in our educational system today. I believe it can be safe to say that the students "labeled" as poor performers in school are not getting the understanding or instruction they need in school to master the subject, as educatorswhat makes us think their parents and the students themselves will conquer this problem at home.

So the student gets more frustrated, the parents see themselves as ignorant and the homework does not get done or it is incorrect. For those parents lucky enough to know the answers but do not relay this to their child in a way that he/she understands compounds the problem.

Next time you talk to your child's teacher ask them if it is not completed work or not turned in assignments that lowers the grade more than test results. I rest my case.

The education system needs to some good "Value Added Process Improvements" for Teaching Techniques.

Why do the kids have to continue to fail for the incompetence of Management who owns the system?

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Anonymous said...

i diasagree homework does some good unless its tooooooo much but 2 to 3 hours is good