Friday, February 12, 2010

Michigan Promise Scholarship ? What Promise

Gov. Jennifer Granholm on Thursday included reinstatement of the Promise as part of her budget recommendation for 2011. Funding for universities, community colleges and K-12 education would remain at their current levels under her plan.

More than 90,000 Michigan students were promised the scholarships after qualifying by passing standardized tests while in high school. However, to try to close a $2.8 billion budget gap, lawmakers didn't include the $140 million program in the state budget passed for the fiscal year that started Oct. 1.

College Officials are saying A plan to bring back the Michigan Promise Scholarship as a tax credit for graduates is better than nothing, but more needs to be done to help students pay their tuition.

The Promise Scholarship would be brought back as a $4,000 tax credit students could claim after graduating from a Michigan university and then working for one year in the state, according to Granholm's proposal.

qualityg says ... Why do they call it a "Promise" scholarship and it was broken. Call it something new like "Hostage Scholarship" -- after all if you have to stay a year in Michigan and you can't find a job then it can't be a tax credit if you earned no income --- HA

My son graduated from Michigan State and Illinois University (grad)and came home to find a job. He lived in my basement for 10 months until he took a job in Maryland.

Wake up Governor and College Officials -- Why don't you guarantee a job after graduation along with the tax credit? You can't do that because you have no belief in the system by which you operate but you expect the tax payers to foot your non-valued plans and promises (white woman speak with forked tongue).

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