Thursday, September 22, 2011

Absolute Power or is it Absolute Fear?

qualityg says ...

"I am convinced that absolute power is the result of absolute fear. Those in charge are more afraid of losing their control than actually controlling the person or situation."

Examples - In many instances the following applies:
  1. Politicians - Will sell their own souls to stay elected - qualityg says get a real job, lose it and then KMA... Afraid of special interest groups and the truth.
  2. CEOs - Will do anything to meet short term goals and quarterly wall street predictions - Afraid of their own 401Ks and the Board of Directors.
  3. Religion Leaders - Afraid of the big fella and no money in the collection plate.
  4. College Instructors - Always afraid that someone will call their bluffs about application of knowledge.
  5. Teachers - Afraid to leave classrooms.
  6. Educational Administrators - Afraid to leave their offices.
  7. Bullies - Afraid of their own shadows.
  8. ** Consultants (especially financial) - Afraid of slipping on all the shit they spew and leave behind for everyone else to pick up - aka better known as pigeons.
 ** I’m tired of financial bean counters/MBA pontificates who want to drain school systems/companies of innovation, creativity and passion. Condense it all to the bottom line, in the box, or better yet, “paint by the numbers and don’t go outside the lines.” Boundaries cause employees to stop working, and worse yet, worry about what each other is doing as opposed to concentrating on what matters most to the students/customer!

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    Anonymous said...

    Good Stuff! I love your comment on consultants.