Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupation Wall Street Group (OWSG) needs an AIM/PURPOSE

I have been trying to understand where the OWSG  is headed and what they are trying to accomplish. When I think I have the direction they are heading someone spurts out some mumbo jumbo and I lose interest.

I am not a fan of what goes on in Washington DC or how Wall Street seems to drive the marketplace in a volatile manner.

Without an AIM/PURPOSE and a well thought out plan that has corresponding measures nothing will be accomplished.
In other movements of the 60s & 70s (i.e., feminism, civil rights, war) the general public could relate to the outcome the group was trying to achieve without a lot of prior knowledge.
It’s not just the OWSG who wants to hold everyone “accountable” it is part of how we Americans like to attack a problem and that is using the shotgun approach instead of taking an accurate AIM at those responsible.

The shotgun approach is usually wrong and it is wrong with this effort too. It creates fear and panic in all the wrong places.

I believe the OWSG needs to take a systemic approach and identify and educate the public on the top priority issues (PROCESSES) they are trying to change and educate the public along the way.

Management owns the systems/processes and they are responsible for the rules and regulations that accompany each and every process/system. So then, identify who is in charge (TARGET) and attack the situation with the person(s) that have the power to make the change.

The shot gun approach always attacks the common worker the most who ultimately takes a defensive stand (along with an unknowing public) against the overly aggressive group not knowing what is right and what is wrong.

So OWSG, please initiate some education, fear and panic with those ultimately responsible by breaking down this movement in to manageable pieces that describes the specifics of the whole of your AIM/PURPOSE of your efforts.


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