Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have heard enough about Teacher Evaluations, Competition, Ranking Teachers...

You know what? I have heard enough about Teacher Evaluations, Competition, Ranking Teachers, Merit Pay, Incentive Pay, Work Harder, More Competition, More Audits, More Assistant Principals, More Quality, More Competition, More Technology, Poor Technology, Let the kids figure it out and “Create a new position responsible for …”

Responsible for everything that a Manager or Leader already in the position should be doing!!!
Where are the people who are being paid to be leaders? They are ducking and sidestepping their responsibilities.

They are ignoring the situation because they don’t like confrontation. AND, most of all “They don’t know HOW to be efficient leaders or good managers who own their systems. Yes, they are responsible it comes with the position.

None of the above will improve education – NONE!

Numerical goals, rewards and all mentioned above mean nothing without the method or how to define the improvements required for education.

qualityg says ...

Being a good leader is like being a good parent. You can NOT be a buddy, friend, big sister, big brother, etc... - you are a leader you have responsibilities for what and who you lead. You have tough decisions to make and you must make them based on what is best for the individual and the group even if it looks easier to avoid the situation.

Look around at our education system, business morals/ethics and how people treat each other with no respect. In each of these examples somewhere along the way someone has avoided a situation to make a good decision.

How about this artice - people just don't get it. - http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/teacherbeat/2012/03/arne_duncan_newspapers_shouldn.html?cmp=ENL-EU-NEWS2

Publish the superstars names - give us their salary numbers and above all publish their bonus amounts too. I definitely want to Rating and Ranking listed --> then I can replicate the best instead or worrying about who you say (who are you anyway) is the worst. - HA - NEVER HAPPEN - been asking for it for years in business.


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