Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Education Systems must develop a Hive/Colony Mindset

When and where did our education system go astray? When I started school there was no pre-school, head start or pre-kindergarten. Graduating with a Bachelor degree was not yet a must after high school and a graduate degree was not in vogue.

With Computers, PDAs, Internet and social networks in a variety of modes I would expect most of our children to be college and career ready as never before in our nation’s history. Yet, according to national studies the opposite is true (75 Percent of Students “Not Ready” For College). What's going on?
In my humble opinion, there is no system in our schools (public, parochial, charter, community colleges, four-year colleges, vocational). All of our schools should have a common aim and must be interdependent upon each other using a “Hive/Colony Mindset (working toward the common good)” with cooperation and communication vital for success.

Unfortunately, our education system continues to be sub-optimized and chaos reigns with a “What’s In It For Me” attitude that runs rampant through each school. Schools are closing at a rapid pace and charter schools are popping up in laser fashion. My concern is by “What Method”? Are we to continue to force parents to send their children to poor producing schools?

A big problem that exists is the competition between our schools at every level from K-20 and the most dangerous is the competition between schools in our nation, states, dioceses and districts. Cooperation is what is needed so that our whole system succeeds, and then competition can take effect. Did you ever stop and think about all the so-called leaders involved in our educational system. Look at your own school. Is your school’s purpose “really” defined? How many leaders are involved (Superintendent, Principles, School Board, Unions, Parent Groups and State and Federal Government) in setting policy? Who is/are the true leader(s)? There has and always will be an on-going struggle between state and federal rights when it comes to education (among other things).

Why is there not a national effort to find the best run school systems and replicate them across the country with a well thought out designed plan for implementation? Why are there no national/local leaders with real authority?

The new Common-Core Standards are the latest attempt to fix the education problems. In concept I believe they are an excellent idea. However, I will tell you that Teachers while supportive of the common core standards have not been given the training or support to generate the enthusiasm or leadership to make it happen.

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Anonymous said...

qualityg you have hit the number one problem with introducing new programs in to education. Tine after time Administration fails to include teahers in the "complete" planning process. They sometimes ask for input but the almighty dollar controls everyhting they do and they have no idea how to implement such and endeavor.

I think they should hire you!!