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Why I Still Like Girls Basketball - Season Eight - Season Over 2/27/14

SEASON EIGHT - New Beginnings

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JULY - 2013

We attended our summer team camp last week and just like previous years we learned a lot about what to expect for our upcoming season. I would have to say the coaches were expecting some better results but yet we were not surprised at the outcome.

This is basically a new team from last year that will need to develop their own identity and develop an internal leadership group that must lead the team both on and off the court.

We continue to lack size but we are more experienced in some key positions. The summer workouts have been good and I have added some speed and agility drills that hopefully create quicker hands and feet that we must have to play solid team defense this year.

Our summer workout sessions have been well attended and learning continues to take place at each practice.

November - 2013

We have concluded our 4 Player Workouts and had a good turnout to work on their individual skills.
This week we are concluding our try-outs and should have a good nucleus of players from 10th - 12th grade.

Team Leadership will be a factor going forward to determine which players want to take the lead and what players will be voted to be the leaders. In other years this was predictable but not this year.

I must say that if I was to pick a saying for this year it is:

How Hard? By putting everything you got in to each practice and a little more into each game going forward by being better than you were the day before - cc

December - 2013

The team may have lost our best defensive player and senior captain to injury. We are waiting on the MRI and the doctor to determine the extent of the injury. Nothing affects me more than seeing a player work so hard and go down to injury (especially senior year). Others will have to step-up if we are to be successful this year.

We had a five team scrimmage last week and we got beat up pretty good both physically and mentally. There are always good things to learn from these situations and we now have a good sense who can handle pressure and who is tough when it comes to pushing oneself beyond the norm.

First Game - We won our first game against a team that was not very good. What I especially liked was the play of a few players who really crashed the boards and got some easy put backs through hard work and hustle.

February - 2014

We are now 7-7 and we have again been riddled with injuries but in truth that is the nature of sports and not to be used as an excuse. We play in a tough league and if you are not prepared or have "Basketball Players" on your team it is very difficult to win tournaments, leagues and championships.

Basketball Players are those who work on their game all year long and especially in the off season to get in daily defensive drills and shooting work (200-300 shots). Fundamentals must be taught early (5th grade on...) because too much time going over blocking out, closing out, defensive position and multiple offenses and defenses in daily practices in high school proves futile. If I can't add or subtract what good does it do concentrating on multiplication and division and story problems that required deducing the facts? Just like in the classroom there is a wide knowledge gap between those that get it and those that do not. To win you must have at least 7-8 players who get it and are on the same page. The result is you beat teams that you should and lose to teams that you should. Thus - you have a 500 season.

It's very simple -
"For the most part you can not improve your game while preparing to play the next game"

February 27,  2014

Unfortunately we lost our first game in the state tournament and our season is over. Our local paper did a nice pictorial and video shoot of the game that can be found at:

I will miss the girls

This will be the last Post of this series. It's been a good run and for the most part fun.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are no longer going to coach? I have a position for you if you would like a change.

Coach Dave