Sunday, January 24, 2016

State of Michigan's Water and Education in a state of flux! Updated 3/29/16 - Corruption hits Detroit Schools - AGAIN!!

Back in 2010 and 2011, I penned two different posts that addressed education and measures (Dashboard) that were and are mentioned in many speeches by Governor Snyder.

He always mentions citizens as customers and talks about being data driven and let the measures do the talking. While I believe the Governor believes in the systemic approach to solving problems I do not believe the people that surround him understand the true meaning process and result measures.

Unfortunately, too many businesses and education systems today still are managed by Bottom Line (I call them Bottom Feeders) Leaders who are steeped in the financials but have no idea or understanding on where and how people, variation, knowledge and systems thinking must fit in to the equation. For the true meaning click here:

For example - Flint Water Problem

"They don't listen to nobody," longtime Flint City Councilman Scott Kincaid said of emergency managers. "They don't care about the community. They just care about fixing the finances." Kincaid and others said the managers' tendency to ignore local complaints played a role in the water fiasco, since residents had complained about taste and color of the water.

For Example - Detroit School System
"Things have been happening for so long, and I think teachers felt like they had no voice," said special education teacher Lacetia Walker about crumbling schools and oversized classes. "We realized that nobody is coming to save us, so we have to save ourselves."

We are in a sad state of affairs in Michigan for two critical elements (Water and Education) of life that should be a God given "Free" staple. For those in other state take warning because you are doing the same mistakes (You just don't know it).

Here are the Links:

Updated 3/29/16 

Many people are disgusted about this latest report! This is not the first time corruption has been done. The problem is the everyday taxpayer is going to have to pay for this in raised taxes. The Silent Majority will no longer tolerate this behavior and it drives a bigger wedge from wanting to help Detroit.


Remember when the "Ellen Show" Donated money to a school in Detroit. Guess who was also on the take.

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