Friday, April 21, 2006

Quality Education --> Math & Science vs Heart & Lungs - They are all losers without the rest of the system - HuH?

Math & Science Go Together Like Heart & Lungs

I’m really tired of reading and hearing about how bad this problem is in our educational system. I have written about this before and I will continue to write about this subject until someone in our education system comes to terms with the fact that we will create another disaster in leadership like we do with thinking MBAs are the answer to our leadership and management system in American Business (WRONG).

Let me try to explain, Math and Science are important to the educational system just like the Heart and Lungs are to the human system. HOWEVER, they are only parts (yes major) of the system. Independently they will fail and cannot survive.

The Heart & Lungs must be part of the overall human system or they are useless unless they can pump blood and air to other vital organs within the human body.

Math and Science are no different to the educational system. Alone or together they will not round out or complete what it means and takes to be a functional member of society. History, Geography, Civics, Language Literacy, Music, Arts, Physical Fitness … must also be included for a person to survive in what we call the human race.

We tend to go overboard when we lack in a certain area, unfortunately by the time we find out we are way behind. Putting all you eggs in one basket will not solve the problem going forward. Will somebody please look at problems in a systemic manner?

State Warns Colleges They Better Shape Up Fast

I love it when people in authority like CEOs and in this case State Education Superintendents declare and pontificate that things and people get better because they said so.

In Michigan, Mr. Flanagan who has been in office less than a year said if colleges don’t start certifying better teachers fast he is going to set up a “RATING” system by June of this year. What he failed to mention is that ratings's evil twin “RANKING” will also go with this ridiculous declaration.

Mr. Flanagan, business and education have been trying to set up rating and raking systems for decades and they all fail, so how are you going to do it by June.

To prove this point I went out yesterday in my backyard and yelled at my new trees I recently planted to get stronger, healthier and taller by June or I will rate you and cut down those that don’t heed my commands.

The wind suddenly picked up and blew through the older trees and said “ What an idiot, do you know nothing about care taking, cultivating, leadership and growth?”


Anonymous said...

Do you ever hear from some of the groups or people you write about?


qualityg says said...


Sometimes I do hear from folks. Mostly in Email form.

Whenever I use someones name I make every effort to send an Email letting them know.

I fear most get filtered in Email Limbo by people working for the top person.