Friday, December 14, 2007

The Holiday Season is a great time for "Creating Customer Loyalty" with KANO Analysis

The holiday season is a great time for attracting and keeping new customers and encouraging their loyalty!
So how should a company create customer loyalty?

Define Quality
Anticipate Needs
Absolute Customer Focus
Voice of the Customer
Delight & Wow
Service Quality
Where every Customer is Treated
Like the First!

Getting Customers: During the Holidays most of your potential new customers come to you! So how do you keep them for the long-term?

Keeping Customers: Creating a mind set for delighting your customers, not just solving their problems, but going beyond to anticipate their current and future “Latent” needs, to WOW them with customer, technical and process services that they didn't even know were possible.

Keeping Customers: Your customers have the dollars and you must continue to figure out new ways on how to get it and keep it coming by giving them no reason to leave.

KANO MODEL - click on diagram to Enlarge

You must not lose sight of the fact that your customers (int/ext) are the most important judges of your quality, not you!


Q - Then why do companies do just the opposite?

A - Greed and Short-Term Thinking.

It’s actually very easy to figure this out, after all companies stock up on seasonal workers (many are customer facing) who have little or no background in customer service and the fact most companies have little or no standard procedures that can be done in a short time frame with long lasting effects.

You get what you pay for and that is workers who just are there for holiday money and could care less how they represent your business (sad but true, sure they don’t intentionally do things to make customers mad, they have no idea on how to make them happy and loyal.)

Another example of “The Demise of American Management”

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