Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If our educators are so smart then why don’t we go to school all year long?

I have written about this subject a number of times over the past two years. It never gets the attention it needs or the news stories to supplement the ways to improve our educational system. Is it the only solution? Of course not but it is one probable solution to a broken down "Baggy Whip" of a system. Baggy Whip = Antiquated.

Human behavior does not like change, especially if it requires someone to change a lifestyle that is rich in tradition even if it has served long past its worth to society.

If our educators are so smart then why don’t we go to school all year long?

I was once asked a few years back if I could do one thing to improve our educational system in the United States (specifically in Michigan) what would it be?

I would require the school year to be all year long with additional weeks off around Holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day) that are traditionally in the summer months. Summer classes would be used for outdoor learning when possible in the sciences and vocational studies. Use the summer months for some real hands on learning to support the theories taught during the traditional school year.

This would increase the amount in time in school by approximately two months for a total school year of 10 months.

Education needs to be a life long learning that should take many forms and varieties. Having three months off in succession is a serious disruption in the learning for any type of process known to man.

All you naysayers leave all your counter arguments and tap dancing tickets at the door, you folks who still want eight months of school have had the floor long enough with your band-aide solutions. Move away or be prepared to get pushed of the dancing floor.

Another example of "The Demise of the American School System."

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