Friday, April 13, 2007

Is the Duke Rape Case Really Over?

I wrote the post preceding this one in May of 2006 when the Duke Rape Case was getting a lot of attention in the press and the television. DA Mike Nifong is in big trouble now that the case is over, but is it really over?

Will it ever be over for the three young men accused of rape? Will their futures be tainted as they try to proceed in life by finding a job or a wife? Oh most people won't care because they are three white boys from rich white backgrounds.

At times I would stop by one of the cable court shows and listen to the so-called professionals discuss the case and what punishment the three men should get for raping the woman at a party.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ( I guess this means the girls was African American, papers never really did say) were quick on the scene to make sure justice was being served. In fact they felt so bad for this woman their organizations stated they would pay her college education becasue she was ruined for life. Where are Jeeese Jackson and Al Sharpton now? Oh yeah, they are all over the television making sure they get the credit for the demise of "Imus the Idiot."

I have no problem with the Imus situation (except it has allowed evry newspaper columinst in the country to way in on their views and expertise - PLEASE SHUT-UP. I just can't read or watch any story when Jackson and Sharpton jump on the scene. Will someone new from the Black community please take a leadership role. I can't believe they are the only two MEN that represent racial injustice. Imus apologized and so should they for all the lies, disparaging, and miss information they slurred at the three Duke men. Can anyone say Tawana Brawley?

Did not the Lacrosse Coach resign from his position? Perhaps now that Imus got fired Al and Jesse can get the Duke lacrosse coach his job back?

So what happens to NiFong? What happens to the girl that falsely accused the three men? I can't write her name because she has been protected from the grief and pain that has come her way by the Duke establishment.

I look forward to watching the three young men on 60 Minutes on 4/15/07. At least one news show is following the case and just not saying "Whoops" it's over.

There will always be people like Imus and other gutless radio show hosts who use their positions and absolute power to say hateful and wrong information at the expense of others, but what happens to the innocent who can't defend themselves because they have no access to the newspapers and airwaves?

Imus got his, but what about Nifong and the girl and others who defamed all over the place? I for one want to know!

We sure have some Quality Leadership in this country. NOT!!

Week Ending 5/20/06

DA Mike Nifong says, “Duke rape case not going away”

qg says … At least until you are re-elected. "Please Shut-Up"

Mike Nifong has never seen a need to apologize for how he’s investigating rape allegations against members of Duke University’s lacrosse team. Now that voters have backed his bid to remain district attorney, he sees no reason to start.

A court motion read...
"He [Nifong] created a conflict between his professional duties and the search for truth, and his personal vested interest in getting elected," the motion says.

"In his zeal to make national headlines and win a hotly contested primary, the DA Nifong intentionally ignored other evidence which was inconsistent with rape at the expense of [Seligmann] and all other Duke lacrosse players," the motion continues. "All this evidence shows that DA Nifong's rape case was a post-hoc shakedown."

This guy is only representing himself and is not interested in the truth. He does not represent the Victim(s) (girl or players). He represents his own self interest and legacy. Perhaps his next job will be as a CEO of a company.

JUSTICE should be served but Not at the hands of a self-interest NiWeasel.

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j-man said...

Not only have the futures of these three men been affected but what about the present? It has been estimated that the families of these men spent a combined 3 million dollars on legal fees.

I think the time has come, and is long overdue, for Jesse and Al to call it a career and ride off into the sunset. As for who will replace them in the black community, I don't know. But I do know that not all blacks follow them (Jesse and Al). Here's an insightful column written by an African American putting the whole Imus situation into its proper perspective.