Saturday, April 21, 2007

To Grocery Store Managers, Cashiers and  Baggers of America
Some days you just got to speak up and tell someone to take action. This happened to me last night while Grocery Shopping at my local Kroger. Friday evening are always bust around 4:30 - 6:30 pm when people stop and do some grocery shopping on their way home from work. Today was no exception. As I approached the lines they had the express line open and one regular line. I was the third in line and there were two more behind me as I waited (trapped) in line listening to the cashiers and baggers complain about hours. Worst of all the one of the cashier's friends stops by to chat and they are going on and on as customers wait patiently in line.

Finally they open another line and the bagger that was doing my line naturally moves over to the new line leaving my gabby cashier with no one to bag. I look back and there are now 4 people in my line and 5 in the new line. One of the cashiers call for Donald to come to bagging immediately. I finally am at the front and still no Donald. I begin bagging as quickly as I can as my fellow customers wait in line with disgusting looks on their faces.

Here comes Donald slowly pushing two empty carts over to the bottles section. As I look down the aisle I see the Manager is up on a ladder straightening some stupid hanging sign. Donald continues to stay with the bottles. As the Manager approaches I think perhaps he will grace us with his presence and help. He walks by and I say "Mr. Manager, when will Donald be here to bag?" He goes in to a litany of excuses as to why Donald can't come right now. These are bull shit excuses and I tell him what can be more important than 10 customers waiting in line while you have workers standing around? He tries to explain about Donald and I tell him Donald was never here, the cashier finally speaks up and says I called Donald over 10 minutes ago and he never came, he never listens. The Manager is now packing the final two bags (out of 14) in my cart per my request. As I leave the Manager says "I hope you have a great rest of your day sir."

As I walk away I look at the other customers, many who now have their heads down or looking the other way, they are the ones who bitch the loudest outside the store but stand silent and let someone else do their dirty work.

I speak up and I write and I teach, that should say it all when it comes to explaining customer service to my students.

Am I the only one who feels trapped when they get in line at the grocery store? It drives me crazy when the cashiers and the bagging people are talking among themselves and complain (bitch) about their hours, boss, co-workers, pay, management, who is working and who is not and did you know what so and so did.

Other than saying hi and thank you that is the extent of the conversation with the customer. Most of the customers I’m in line with just want to move quickly and get home. They have had a hard day at work and the last thing they want to hear is complaining by people who are paid to do their job and interact in a customer-facing job.

The worst is when you have a dead end job or no job at all and they complain about their jobs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe it the “American Workers” right to complain about work and the boss, just not in front of customers. C’mon cashiers and baggers how stupid can you be and don’t ask me my opinion, you won’t like it.

I wish I could say this is an occasional occurrence or it is done only in the store where I shop. My experiences and data say otherwise.

I know it can be a rough job with insensitive customers, but you must realize that you represent your company and the perception you give off is realty to us and would you want to shop where all the workers do is complain.

So, will you cashiers and baggers “Please Shut-Up” until you go on break.

Cashier Rules to Customers (written by a cashier worker):
1. Yes, I am open. I am always open. In fact, I never leave. Don't ask if I am open!
2. Yes, you see me here again. I work here. Everyday.
3. This is an express lane. What part of "15" do you not understand?
4. No, I do not want your change. I received plenty from the customer in front of you.
5. Please try looking for the item yourself before you come up and ask me. And no, it is not my job
to know where every single item in the store is located.
6. Do not assume I belong in the department you are currently in, and then get mad when I can not find the item for which you are looking.
7. Just because an item is anywhere near a sale tag; do not assume it is on sale.
8. Do not tell me, "But the other store does it for me!" We are not the other store. Go there if you want their service.
9. I do not care whether you want paper or plastic. I do not care why you want the respective bags or the reasons for their use. Just take the damn things and go!
10. I am a cashier. I am not an idiot. The words are not synonymous. Please don't treat me as such. You need idiots like me to ring up your order.

****Please take the above advice to heart and remember: somewhere out there is a cashier that feels this way and is about to explode. Do you want to be the final straw?****
qualityg says YES!

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