Thursday, August 30, 2007

Potential Exposure of Personal ID!!!

I wonder if I can sue for false advertising. The big time fake BS AT&T ( sent me a letter the other day. Here are some sentences.

Dear Sir or Madam: - Heck you addressed it to me I’m a man.

This letter is to advise you of a recent theft of a LAPTOP computer containing your personal information.

The LAPTOP was stolen from an employee of a professional services doing work for BS AT&T.

qg says – Are you kidding me? A contractor (who probably took a regular employees job) has my SSN and address and …

BS AT&T is offering you “free” of charge one year of Equifax Credit Watch Gold.

BS AT&T deeply regrets this incident and is taking steps to reinforce that our policies to safeguard your information.


Dorothy Atwood
Chief Privacy Officer AT&T

qg says …

Are you the same Dorothy Atwood that worked for the FCC?
Are you the Dorothy Atwood that lives in D??? Texas?
Are you the Dorothy Atwood that …?

George Costanza says ...

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