Friday, September 14, 2007

Tom Watkins: VW's, state's talent is leaving

Tom Watkins knows the Michigan Educational system as well as anyone in the state of Michigan. He sent me an article today that must be shared because it really gets to the heart of the manner as to why our best and brightest are leaving the state.

Tom Watkins, is an education and business consultant. He served as Michigan's superintendent of schools from 2001-2005. He can be reached at

Please read Tom's article at

What follows is my response back to Tom that backs up his story with my immediate family as an example.


Super Article! You are so right about talent leaving. Let me give you an example in my immediate family. 2 nieces and 1 nephew (all graduated from MSU in the last 3 years) moved to Chicago after failing to find work in Michigan in their field and found good paying jobs within a month. They love the city and have no plans to return to Michigan.

My own son graduated from Michigan State in Economics. Applied to different colleges to study Economic Policy. The only college that refused him was University of Michigan (MSU did not have the program). Thus, I pay out state tuition and the U of M Dean told him their program was for International Students (more $$ for them).

The state does nothing to support our best and brightest, most of the money goes to those who never had a chance because of low income, and all the other stuff (I'm not saying don't give them money I'm just saying do what is right for all our children). Many drop out with wasted state dollars (GRANT) doing no good. Would it not be better to help our brightest and keep them in the state instead of telling them no and you don't qualify for GRANTS.

My son's 1 1/2 program costs over $45,000 dollars and that was one of the cheaper out state programs he could have attended (no help in $$). He has no plans to return to Michigan and I have encouraged him not to because of the economic and employment environment.

My daughter will graduate in 2008 from Michigan State (you still think I don't qualifyfor funds) in Marketing. She has yet to make up her mind where she wants to work. I have another nephew that graduates this year and has no plans to stay in Michigan.

5/6 say no to Michigan and 1 undecided.

One family Tom, and I know I'm not alone ( I don't get any financial help either)!

I almost forgot I am attending college too!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and Tom for sharing your information.

I live in Warren and our state is in big trouble. To make things worse the state will partially shut done )October 1st if they don't stop bickering.