Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My CEO Says "We Need To Be More Creative" qualityg says ...

From a Friend,

I am perplexed, about a month or so ago our CEO gave a speech rallying the troops stating “That we need to be more creative because our companyis going to focus more on being a Global Force.” My company supplies the auto company and we focus on putting together complete automotive interiors, including seat systems, interior trim and electrical systems.

While visiting our office he made a comment wanting to know why he saw so many “foreign” cars in the company parking lot.

qualityg says ...

Your CEO sounds like a candidate for qualityg’s section on FOOLS(at Since this type of tragedy happens in may companies let me answer if this was like a Shakespearean tragedy like “King Lear?” It’s generally regarded as one of William Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies.

I may be making a stretch here in stating that the “Global” speech was made at your headquarters or somewhere the CEO wanted to get some print because after all the CEO is like a “Caesar.”

Since you are from Michigan I would bet that your CEO (Caesar) did what any kiss-up emperor would do, and that is, Detroit (When in Rome ...) is the home of what was the "Big 3" I’m sure he is playing his act for the US automakers. Alas, behind every Caesar is a Brutus and eventually those who play both sides of the fence will eventually be caught. I just hope the employees will not suffer because that would be the greatest tragedy of all!!

More on absolute power at my post

If you drive a foreign car and it has a component from your company just tell the CEO you’re advertising the company's product. If not, ask him why his Senior Management Team (they own the system) has not truly entered the global marketplace.

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