Monday, October 08, 2007

What is Quality Knowledge?

qg says ...

Data + Information + Application = Knowledge (D+I+A=K)
add Listening + Observing = Wisdom (D+I+A=K + LO = W).

Heads up education and business leaders (hierarchy does not equal intelligence).

Example - I can go on the Internet and read a number of books on how to remodel my bathroom. I can even conduct a conversation that sounds like I know what I'm doing, and I can even spout off all the research about the modern bathroom that I gather from the Mr. Handyman shows on TV and radio.

However, I can predict to you in confidence that I wouldn't know the first step (well maybe, beat down the walls) in "actually" doing the job myself.

Remember, qg says:

"It is only through trial and error, listening, observing and application ("theory") that I gain the knowledge and wisdom to be able to do the job myself and then pass on my knowledge to others."

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